Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn Channeled Meditations

This download includes two channeled meditations from Ascended Master Djehuty geared toward making the most of the opportunities of the Pluto-Saturn dance in Capricorn in play now (and in play off and on until November 2020 using an orb of 5 degrees).

Many may be feeling challenged with these energies in play. This began with my desire to offer you something to support processing and moving through energies that may be coming up, and D. showed me this structure and dictated the text.

Things to know before using these:

  1. The first (“Calling back energy”) is 12 minutes, and the second (“Building self-respect”) is 20 minutes. Note that each has 10 minutes of silence added to the end, as Djehuty wants you to give yourself a chance to process and settle after each.
  2. If I were to do these, I would allow some time afterward to rest, or at least not have to think straight. Perhaps I’m feeling more triggered with the Pluto-Saturn stuff than some and projecting a bit, but I found these to be focused in a unique way on pulling up blocked energy that you haven’t experienced with D. before (none of the lunation channeled meditations over the last 8+ years do what these do, and yet this is not Metatron energy work–it’s uniquely Djehuty in a new way). As in, I would not do one and then rush off in traffic to a meeting or errand–just in case there is an effect. Before bed is probably a good time for many to do these.
  3. They can be used a number of times for the same issue, or over time for a variety of issues related to the themes. You’ll understand this when you hear how Djehuty asks you to pick a topic to focus on.
I hope they are helpful if/when you’re looking for a way to deal with some of the challenges and pressure that the Pluto-Saturn dance may inspire.