Processing Trauma & Grief Sessions (4 hrs.)

These 4 hours of mp3s dig down deep into what hurts and empowers you to heal it.

I’m making these available at no cost (though donations are appreciated–the link is here) to support you in working through some of the most difficult emotional issues that may be coming up now that have been holding you back.

I am clear that learning to face, manage, and integrate grief as one of most important challenges for many of us during this pandemic, and as I work on my personal portion of grief, I’m working on ways to help you with yours.

Optional add-on: Energetically programmed onyx for healing Plutonian issues.

Description of this set of 4 mp3s:
Ascended Master Djehuty (Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) and Archangel Metatron lend words and energy-work frequencies as I channel them on 4 recordings to help you with the deepest, most painful issues.

Using these mp3s, the difficult past may come up, and you may relive childhood or other-life pain.

These energies are meant to touch places within you that might not get attention, or that don’t get the light of loving acceptance brought to them.

Also check out my Dealing with Grief YouTube playlist for more thoughts from me about dealing effectively with grief.

Recommended use: Get comfortable with the free grounding meditation I offer from my homepage. Then get used to the idea of these by choosing daily for a while that you’re willing to get into deep feelings to resolve and clear them. Establishing willingness can go a long way toward gently getting closer and closer to working with very painful, frightening issues. The more you assert willingness, the more various parts of you will become willing.

Then listen to one of these and allow some time for things to settle. Move on a week or two later (or take longer) to the 2nd one, and pace yourself gently to get through all 4. Many will listen to these numerous times in a cycle over months or a year or two.

Decide always that you are stronger than pain and fear that might come up.

If you benefit from the work and are able, you can send energy back my way using this link. Donations are welcome and appreciated.

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I used them and got a lot out of them … it released grief and trauma in my body and shifted my ability to grieve for my best friend. I listened a few times as kept sleeping through them. It was a few years ago now. Be perfect for these covid-19 times.”
Marcia, UK