Slavery and Soul PDF Ebook

slaveryandsoulcoverIn this channeled volume from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin), collective and individual relationships to slavery are explored as part of the empowerment journey every soul is living through its human selves. All That Is, or Goddess/God – your soul – experiences slavery through its many human lives for specific evolutionary purposes.

All souls incarnate on Earth to learn about the nature of power, cycling first through externally directed assumptions of what power is and, ultimately, learning to go from fear and pain into love and faith. The power of soul is love, and the Earth journey for every soul is an exercise in discovering, remembering, and embodying this truth.

As pain and disempowerment about race, inequality, colonialism, and cultural disadvantage now come to a head, Djehuty offers us a bird’s eye view of why slavery exists on this planet and how to heal its effects. Even if you haven’t been touched by slavery directly in your current life, it is a guarantee that you have been on both sides of the issue in many lives. We are ready to release the karmic debris collected over many lives being on both sides of the ownership and exploitation of humans.

The teachings in this book will enable you to see the multilife human journey you’re living in a new way, giving you tools and inspiration to end any disempowerment related to slavery carried over from your soul’s other lives. Special emphasis is given to ending victimhood and stepping into an empowered relationship with ourselves and each other as Divine beings. Ancestral and individual karmas are addressed, including a detailed guided meditation to support you in clearing both kinds of energetic residues from your soul’s many lives.