The Soul’s Journey III PDF Ebook

The Soul's Journey III

The Soul's Journey IIIBuilding on the vision of soul and its multilife human journey presented in The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel and brought to life with 7 workshop participants in The Soul’s Journey II: Emotional Archaeology, in The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study Tom Jacobs shares 19 of his own other lives (a.k.a. past lives) in tandem with a detailed karmic analysis of his astrological birth chart.

Jacobs explains the process he uses with himself and in his global practice to consciously integrate pieces of self from other lives. This is useful because our other-life memories and emotions can block us from living our lives as we would choose now. Their fears and concerns become ours and until we go through this process we may be reliving the less-pleasant aspects of our other lives. The process centers on learning to discern deep emotions that are holdovers from other parts of the time line and consciously interacting with these parts of self in order to heal and release the past as it bleeds through to the present.

This cutting-edge, exciting book is a must-have for all interested in learning about evolutionary astrology, soul and its multilife journey, and how to read, understand, and change karma in a birth chart.

Jacobs’s work in The Soul’s Journey book series will help you understand yourself as an energetic being and learn to live your life with more conscious intent, compassion, and joy, allowing you to gracefully do what you came here to do.

126 pp.