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Overview: Using auralite 23, I’m able to be aware of the negative thought and belief patterns I may be working to release, but I am connected to a higher wisdom and don’t align with those patterns. It becomes simple and effortless not to align with them, and this is the key to living consciously and raising one’s vibration.

When first exploring this crystal, I read much about it online that came across as hyperbolic. After working, sleeping, dreaming, and meditating with it for over 5 months, I can say that this is the most transformative crystal I’ve encountered. I highly recommend that you feel grounded and consistently in your body (and happy about being in a body on Earth) – perhaps using tiger iron – before you jump into working with auralite 23. It will bring you elevated senses and feelings, and support a connection to the wisdom of your higher self and spirit guides, and I feel strongly that we must be deeply grounded for that higher-level work to be truly beneficial. Spiritual evolution does not come through going into your upper chakras and ignoring or avoiding the lower chakras and your body. Contact me with questions about this process.

New: When you purchase one of these crystals, you have the option to purchase the 40-minute channeled meditation from Ascended Master Djehuty to help you connect and reconnect with your auralite 23 piece. $11. I recorded this meditation because after working with auralite 23 for a time, some deeper things in need of processing and resolution can come up. I wanted to offer you a tool to reconnect with the auralite 23 after this happens. Be in touch with any questions about this process.

Hear the 7 audio diaries about my experience and observations using auralite 23.

For more on the properties of auralite 23, check out’s page, which I find useful.

I often use programmed auralite 23 pieces in water. As there are metals in this crystal (this is what differentiates it from amethyst, its primary constituent crystal), I recommend you do not soak it for long. A second or two is enough for the programmed charge to transfer into the water. When you read about charging water from most sources, it takes time, perhaps overnight or longer. Since my auralite 23 pieces are emitting energy, just a bit of time is needed for the water to take on the high energy.

Note: I can make Auralite 23 pieces programmed with Metatron’s energy, which is more intense than the energy in the other pieces. You can opt for any of the items on this page to also have that energy added–just let me know. Allow a few more days for delivery if you opt for this.

Auralite 23’s connection to your higher self is still present in them but with Metatron’s uncompromising energy added in. The effect in me has been revealing/shaking loose blocks to self-respect that keep me from remaining connected with my higher self and the wisdom of my soul (hear a SoundCloud audio piece on this here). This process can be intense and may bring up the deepest fears and other intense emotions, and so I highly recommend developing a solid and consistent grounding practice prior to using one of these Metatron crystals. I have used my regularly programmed auralite 23 to help me stabilize after a block has been shaken loose with the Metatron auralite 23, and I believe many will do well getting one of each, and if you are not practiced at grounding, also a Djehuty tiger iron.

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