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One pair small azurite “blueberries”. I will pick two for you.

Knowing that azurite is present in K2, I picked some azurite “blueberries” up at the Denver gem show recently. I felt intuitively drawn to get a handful.

When sitting down with them that night and putting a general energy frequency into them (essentially, beginning a conversation with them), immediately the energy flow turned toward Archangel Metatron’s energy, the same I use for client energy work and during healing events.

My 6th chakra didn’t open, but I felt more in tune with Metatron’s consciousness than ever before. It was activated in a serious way. But the experience was different than I’d had with his energy before.

In late 2004 I began taking cues from him (after a channel told me he was a guide of mine), then learning a bit from him over the years about personal power, then in 2012 beginning to do energy work on clients from afar using his frequency.

But it’s been a series of labors! At first, doing energy work with that frequency cost me a lot, and I had to rest. Then he showed me how to moderate the effects on me and approach the energy in a different way. Using the azurite for the first time, I felt aligned with him and able to see through his eyes.

The results include:

  • More clarity in general, even when using them for just a few minutes per day.
  • Intuitive sharpening, so that I see into a client’s story immediately at her or his first word.
  • Able to run his intense energy in a more relaxed way, even doing energy work in a more efficient, peaceful way.
  • I’ve set some particular goals for the next year and when I come back to them, I feel confidence that they’re already happening.

I’m selling these programmed blueberries in pairs. I want you to hold one in each hand, letting the energy move through and meet in the middle of your body. Try this for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, exploring what’s right for you. There’s no set “right” way to use them.

Metatron’s energy is about making you whole, which includes moving through blocks whether physical, emotional, mental, or any other kind. I recommend you send cords into the Earth when holding these azurite pieces, as you might feel a little altered. You likely should not use them while driving or doing physical tasks that require coordination, as you might feel a little high.

My intention is that you slowly get to know them, acclimating your energy field/consciousness to them slowly over time. A few minutes here and there, and then after a week or more you can decide if it’s something to take with you or something to keep at home.

Today I took a nap holding one in each hand and I was fully awake (I thought) but snored and seemed as if asleep. I woke up feeling both wired and a bit tired, and altered, similarly to Metatron labradorite (at the bottom of the page here).

But keep in mind that the Metatron energy will, over time, create more wholeness in your field. The altered state would be a temporary effect of you being slowly upgraded. These are small pieces, so it’s gradual.

Below you’ll see the “blueberries,” convenient to take in your pockets or hold in meditation.

A note on shipping: In the USA, $9.45 insured USPS shipping unless otherwise noted. I am not currently shipping internationally.

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