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For a full picture of my thoughts on the nature of and using labradorite, listen to an mp3 recorded on it while I was programming/charging the first set (34 minutes).

Overview: Labradorite naturally increases intuitive awareness. Programmed and charged as they are with Djehuty’s energies, they will stimulate an acute awareness of the cause of things. Symbolic sight is defined as seeing a thing and its cause simultaneously, and these charged stones will activate this within you.

Intuition has two forms: 6th-chakra knowing and 3rd-chakra gut instinct. The vagus nerve connects these two energy centers. The programmed labradorite will seek to open the connection between them, which means that the focus of attention will shift from your mind (where most people’s attentions are focused) to a balance between body and mind. Additionally, these labradorite will help balance the two sides of mind – right and left – so that you can use them in harmony and to good effect.

The important point with these stones is that when you see the cause behind the thing on your mind, you can make a reasonable choice from a responsible, cocreating place, not reactive, stressed, angry, and pressured because you don’t understand why it’s happening. All things come to you for a reason to do with what you are vibrating. Using a charged labradorite piece will help you see a new angle – the one that is not trapped in and defined by the limited logic of the linear mind. The shimmering shininess embedded in each stone represents this change of angle, as to bring out the shimmer, you must move the labradorite back and forth in light to get the perfect angle.

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