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1 larger tumbled piece, I will pick one for you. Most are all black, while some have whitish or reddish inclusions.

Use energetically programmed onyx to unearth, process, and move on from the most painful and traumatic experiences.

Each of us carries residues from pain and trauma that gets in the way of being present. These onyx pieces will reveal what disempowerment you carry and send empowering energy into it so you can overcome its limitations.

For those familiar with astrology, this is a Plutonian process. We have to dig deep and decide that we’re stronger than pain, fear, rage, jealously, heartache, guilt, shame, and self-hatred in order to upgrade your relationship with and move beyond those energies.

In astrology (and life!), we’re mostly told to avoid the scary darkness of Plutonian energy. We’ve been lead to believe that it’s evil and that if we look at it, we’ll be lost; lose control and become horrible, destructive people.

Yet this is patently false! We can learn to face fear and transform out of giving power to what we might do if we lose control. We can learn to intentionally manage our energies and emotions so that keeping and losing control become nonissues. Making empowered, self-respecting choices is the goal of all healing Plutonian work, and these onyx pieces will help you get there.

Uranus is the archetype that represents trauma, but Plutonian empowerment is the best solution. Check out the Processing Trauma and Grief mp3s (4 hours) on the Channeled Audio page to use with a piece of energetically programmed onyx.

Read a channeled document from Ascended Master Djehuty on healing trauma and PTSD using onyx. Also check out a shorter document written by me on how I see and address trauma as an energy worker, “Understanding and Healing Trauma”.

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