Rose Quartz Wand


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One 3.5″ rose quartz wand programmed with St. Germain’s heart-opening energy. I will choose one for you.

Overview: All of our unseen friends (spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, and deceased relatives who act as guides) encourage us to live heart-centered lives. We’ve been enculturated to see the most important aspect of self as mind and its logic, yet we are in truth first and foremost energetic beings. And we experience energy as emotion, making emotions absolutely critical to understand, address, and move through.

Programmed rose quart will open your heart, though it’s a bit different from my pink opal. You will likely feel more emotional, and this will represent the door to being able to heal and clear out your field being open.

Pink opal is a mineral softer than the quartz here, so the rose quartz can open you while stabilizing emotions. These wands are marketed as both massage wands and yoni wands. As I am not a person with a yoni, I encourage you to do your own research.

As heart opening is central to all I do, there are numerous other tools I’ve developed that you can choose to use in conjunction with rose quartz. Also check out Release: A Course for Healing, a charged onyx crystal, and the incredibly powerful and transformative Processing Trauma and Grief mp3s.

A note on shipping: In the US, $9.45 is for insured shipping for each piece. I am not currently offering international shipping.

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