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A pair of mediumish tumbled pieces. You’ll receive the pieces pictured.

When I begin working with a new-to-me crystal or stone, I spend months with it. While I’m reading what others write about it, I hold it and feel into what seems true to me. It takes me a while to really get to know new material, and I develop some teachings to go with it before I launch a set of programmed stones.

With serpentine, the effects were so immediate and beneficial that I’m releasing programmed pieces about a week after first working with it.

The previous week I’d been dealing with three traumas, or retriggerings, that happened within a few days of each other. I was using raw food/fats, meditation techniques, and other crystals to stabilize my field, but was still susceptible to be set off.

Upon seeing noble serpentine (a version from Washington State–the pieces on this page are from Peru), I knew I had to get some. As I programmed them, I felt the calm I needed. That night, I slept holding one in each hand, and was pulled down into a relaxed state as if caught in an undertow.

When I woke up in the night I wasn’t always holding them, and had the same pulled-down feeling each time I picked them up again. After a few days with them, I felt immensely better.

The idea is that they can soothe frayed nerves. That’s what I’ve experienced, to the point that I was able to sleep so much better than the previous week during the traumatic retriggerings. Now that the waves of retriggerings are finished, using them daily keeps me calm and feeling peaceful, which has been a rarity the last few months with various stressors. I suspect they also are aligning my field into a whole, but it feels different than programmed K2, dendritic opal, and sea jasper, which can have similar effects.

Other things I’ve read about serpentine online don’t really ring true to me at this point, but I’m making these available for supporting antianxiety, relaxation, peaceful sleeping efforts, and dealing with traumatic events past and present.

The tumbled pieces are noble serpentine from Washington State. The lighter the noble serpentine piece, the higher the vibration, the sweeter the feel. The darker the color, and slower the effect comes on and the deeper it goes. If you are experiencing trauma (or having nightmares recalling or stimulating it), I recommend using two pieces–one in each hand.

A note on shipping: In the USA, $9.45 insured USPS shipping unless otherwise noted. I am not currently shipping internationally.

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