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My amethyst is programmed with the heart-opening, healing, forgiving energy of St. Germain. He is a face of the ascended master I channel (Djehuty, Thoth, Merlin, Hermes) and is the keeper of the Violet Flame of Forgiveness.

The idea with the Flame is that he will bring the frequency to you and offer you the opportunity to surrender what you’ve been holding onto that’s keeping you in pain. You can use one of these crystals to gradually open to the Violet Flame and learn to access the frequency of St. Germain himself, which is an invaluable reminder that we are more than any troubles, worries, or concerns we’re dealing with in our lives.

This ascended master’s teachings center on the truth that, as a soul living a human life, you are able to become the source of love for yourself. Djehuty says that a human life is filled with all manner of relationships that show the person that he or she is not going to be loved in the ways that he or she truly and deeply needs.

Along the road of being human, we accumulate many experiences that harden us and leave us less willing to open to love and support. We hope for love, yet we have to cultivate a willingness to open to give and receive, learning to shed defenses that keep us from connecting with others.

Yet each of us can become a source of love for ourselves. We can open our hearts, deal with our pain, sorrow, grief, and other intense emotions, and learn to work through them with respect and compassion for ourselves.

These amethyst pieces are infused with a heart-opening energy to soothe you so you can relax. We have to face our emotions (and programmed pink opal can reveal emotional debris that needs to be cleared), and I recommend amethyst for calming yourself as you progress along your path.

Heart-opening exercises such as in my grounding meditation will help as you learn to process and release feelings. Reach for this programmed crystal when you need to feel the sweet, divine, unconditional love of St. Germain.

A note for those familiar with my programmed auralite 23: Auralite 23 is mostly amethyst (the reason it appears at first glance to be amethyst) yet contains at least 17 of 23 or more metals. My programmed auralite 23 has high-vibrating and complex effects, and I strongly recommend it for raising the bar of your evolutionary path, connecting with your higher self, and learning not to listen to negative voices within. Yet this programmed amethyst is for a more simple, straightforward softening and opening as you learn to heal and resolve deep issues and need to reconnect with unconditional love.

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Click this link to see all available programmed amethyst pieces.