Tiger Iron

Tiger IronI am happy to offer pieces of tiger iron charged with the vibration of Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) and Archangel Metatron. Each one has been cut by me from a piece of rough rock and then shaped and polished to make them potent grounding stones. Charging them as the last step creates them to be bookmarks for Djehuty’s & Metatron’s frequency, powerful, loving sources of support for your evolution.

There’s the sober, Saturnian intro. Here’s what I really want to say: I’m entirely suped up, jazzed, and atwitter to make these available! This is a labor of love for me so that you can get better grounded and remain that way, able to see your life’s contours and manifestations with more clarity and develop more confidence to change things for the better. As you’ll read in the PDF linked to below this was Ascended Master Djehuty’s request of me and after I understood what it was all about I jumped in with both feet.

Resources to begin – scroll down a bit if you are familiar with Djehuty, tiger iron and its 3 constituent crystals (hematite, red jasper, and gold tiger eye), and why I am offering these charged crystals:

  • A brief explanation of who this ascended master is. (a 1-page PDF)
  • A written channeled message from Djehuty about the crystals, tiger iron, and why he asked me to do this including a brief introduction from me. (a 10-page PDF)
  • A 25-minute channeled message from Djehuty recorded while I charged the first set of crystals.
  • A video of me discussing my process in learning about crystals and using tiger iron over the last several years.

The images below are captioned with the piece’s inventory number, the weight, and the approximate dimensions of the crystal pictured. When you purchase one you will receive the one pictured.

We recommend allowing your instinct to choose one for you – allow yourself to be drawn to the piece that feels best to you. Some will seem prettier to your eye and mind than others but the prettiest one might not be the right one for you. The right crystals have a way of finding us at the right time and since you are making a choice you serve the process well by allowing yourself to be guided to the right one. Each piece has been polished but not to the extent of a tumbled rock or rocks you find made into jewelry. While there are imperfections on each piece care has been taken to remove sharp edges to make the crystal comfortable to hold.

Crystals are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. I am unable to hold a particular piece for you. Every effort will be made to update this page in a timely manner when a piece sells. If you click on a link to purchase one and it says it’s out of stock, I simply haven’t had a chance to update the page but will at my next opportunity. In that case, there will be a link to return you to this page.

If you fall in love with one pictured and for any reason are not able to purchase it, please accept that there is another crystal waiting for you to identify and welcome into your life. There are no mistakes when we allow ourselves to be guided.

Things to know:
– Each piece is beautiful, with varied contours and textures. The pictures below don’t give them justice. Count on being surprised by the uniqueness of the stone (and please forgive my amateur photography!). Each stone has rough spots and smooth spots.
– Click on a thumbnail below to view a larger image.
– PayPal links to purchase the tiger iron pieces charged with Ascended Master Djehuty’s & Archangel Metatron’s vibrations are in the caption. If you prefer using a credit card or a check, contact me at (213) 925-6019 or tom@tdjacobs.com for the mailing address or to provide your card number (do not email or text your card number).
– Subscribers: Contact me to get the subscriber rate of 25% off plus shipping.

A note on shipping: In the USA, $8.30 insured USPS shipping unless otherwise noted. I am not currently shipping internationally.

Tiger iron 2 medium tumbled pieces. I will choose for you. 2 will total around 1.5 ounces. $15.

Tiger iron 2 larger tumbled pieces. I will choose for you. 2 will total around 2.5-3.5 ounces. $22.

TI408 1" sphere. Sold.