Yellow Jasper

This material is technically sea jasper, but does not have the orbs that create the Neptunian effects for which I typically use sea jasper. It is essentially yellow jasper with green jasper mixed in, both in layers and in starburst-like patterns, and also with clear quartz layers, druzy starburst patterns, and druzy outer coatings.

This programmed stone is for opening and grounding the 3rd chakra, the seat of personal power. This energy center is the one in which we – through every single decision – either build or diminish personal power.

If one carries guilt, shame, embarrassment, self-doubt, or regret, it’s in the 3rd chakra and contributing to his or her sense of personal power. The self-image in your 3rd chakra is the battery that powers your entire life.

The affirmations “I alone define who I am” and “All of my choices are based in self-respect and lead to self-care” tell much of the story of anyone’s 3rd chakra. In many ways, the 3rd chakra building of personal power through self-respecting, self-caring choices can release and heal 1st- and 2nd-chakra self-definition based in tribal/group issues and interpersonal relationships, respectively.

This crystal is programmed mostly with a general energy akin to Ascended Master Djehuty’s frequency for grounding,  bolstering, and clearing the 3rd chakra, and then about 15% with Archangel Metatron’s vibration. I programmed them in stages over a few days, and in the last session naturally felt myself opening to Metatron’s energy for a final “coloring” to the crystals’ programming. Most Metatron stones from me are pretty intense, yet the effect in these yellow jasper pieces will be gentle, adding to the nudge to empowerment they offer.

See a video on these crystals and programmed shiva lingams here.

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