Remote Energy Work With Metatron

This is a set of 5 or 10 energy work sessions using Archangel Metatron’s transformative energies. Read all of the below information to get a sense of if this kind of work might be right for you.

By booking a set of this kind of session, you are indicating to me that you have read this entire page so you know what it is and what to expect.

Thanks to Tom’s new distance Metatron energy work technique, I could feel my qi staying balanced and myself able to meet a seriously challenging evolving crisis with more strength, coherence, and ease. When I start to falter my system remembers and reverts to a healthier pattern faster. My recovery time is shorter and the relief is real. Sometimes I could tell when the work was happening, sometimes not, but overall I noticed that during and after the week I feel consistently more aligned. Brilliant!
E., Kentucky

Ready to sign up?
1. $65 for 5 sessions. If you want to do another round, then come back for more. Use Square (credit card outside PayPal) here or request another form of payment (check, Venmo, PayPal).
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New: $110 for 10 sessions. Use Square here, or PayPal here.

2. Fixed income/hardship/student: $25 for 5 sessions. Use Square (credit card outside PayPal) here or request another form of payment.
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I’ll be organizing signups on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where This Work Comes From
As a professional intuitive, I’ve learned over the years to work on multiple layers in a person’s conscious and unconscious selves. Part of this is zeroing in on root causes for various issues in this life that are sourced in your soul’s other lives.

Memories, emotions, beliefs, and traumas are stored in your energy field/consciousness (including the unconscious realm), and those that vibrate pain and disempowerment can manifest in our lives in many ways now.

Thank you Tom! I value the support of this process. Not sure how to articulate it but I sense more clarity and the beginning of trust in life.
M., Oregon

I began doing evolutionary astrology readings in 2004, learned to channel spirit guides in 2005, learned to be a psychic medium in 2005-2006, and then began channeling the ascended master (Djehuty) and archangel (Metatron) I work with now.

Energy work on others using the archangel Metatron’s frequencies I began in 2011. Since then, Metatron has supported me in learning more and better techniques of running and sharing his energy, which is enormous in its scope.

This current service is the best version of this work o far and does not drain my energy or affect my health, which has been my goal for several years.

Who Can Benefit From This Type of Work
Those who:

  • Live on Earth.
  • Live in a body.
  • Need to manage stress, improve self-esteem, develop healthy boundaries, and more.

How It Works
After payment, within a few days, I’ll notify you the dates I’ll add you to the group.

We will not meet for live sessions. I will do the work at different times during a few days. You will likely not know it’s happening, so your capabilities will not be affected throughout the day. The nature of this level of energy work will show up subtly over the following few hours and days as things in your field begin to be reorganized.

I do think this has helped me over Christmas which has normally been a lot harder in previous years and I need more help with boundaries and self trust.
A., Australia

Who is Metatron
Metatron is an archangel who was once a human named Enoch. He went through a purging process to leave behind, or burn off, his human issues in order to become an angel. In the Hebrew tradition, as an archangel he is said to be 2nd in power only to God himself. M. is said to occupy the throne next to God, so great is his power.

I was told M. was a guide of mine in late 2004, and it took some years for me to learn and adapt to be able to connect with his intense energy. I was lead through various processes to get there (eating raw primal at times, lifting weights, meditative practices, work with certain programmed crystals/stones, etc.), and began doing energy work using his frequencies in 2011. Since 2012 I’ve offered it to individuals in live consultations and groups in meditation events, as well as numerous energy work/channeled mp3s.

M. is focused on teaching us, and inspiring each of us personally, to embody uncompromising integrity. When I do energy work using this frequency, “impurities” or bits of energy that vibrate low and do not serve you are revealed, then we burn them off or remove them (there’s no heat, so it’s not painful; it’s more of an intensity of high-vibrating light that cleans and removes things).

Metatron will not yield the power of self-respect under any circumstances and teaches humans to learn what this feels like through clearing out of old, painful energies and calibrating our field and consciousness.

What to Expect After
You might feel your body as different than you expect for a few days. Your actual height, weight, skin and hair color, gender, size and shape of hands and other body parts might confuse you as cleared parts from childhood or other lives integrate and adjust. Your physical center of gravity could feel off and you could be a bit disoriented. Ground and drink water, and rest to allow the adjustment to unfold organically. Stretch and intentionally move slowly to allow yourself to adjust.

Thank you for the completion of the 5 energy sessions–there have been some really funny connections across the last two weeks and knowing you have been doing that work suddenly shone a light on the connections!

See the video below for more on the effects of energy work with me, while keeping in mind that this particular set of sessions is designed to have minimal effects and provide a more seamless integration of the benefits than the more intense version of energy work I was doing when I produced the videos.

1. $65 for 5 sessions. If you want to do another round, then come back for more. Use Square (credit card outside PayPal) here or request another form of payment (check, Venmo, PayPal).
Use PayPal here.
New: $110 for 10 sessions. Use Square here, or PayPal here.

2. Fixed income/hardship/student: $25 for 5 sessions. Use Square (credit card outside PayPal) here or request another form of payment.
Use PayPal here.

From clients receiving the previous, more-intense energy work processes that frankly wore me out:

That last session we had was especially magical and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your channeling gifts with me. Really, all of these sessions have helped clear away so much trauma, so quickly, it’s wild. Why do people go to traditional therapy??? They should just do energy work with you. Not even a joke!
Thank you so much!
K., New Jersey
[The focus of the sessions is clearing effects of being held down for medical tests at age 3, which has affected her since.]
I just wanted to let you know what tremendous results I’m seeing from our last two sessions.
As I told you, I’ve had a lifelong phobia of blood tests that has been really debilitating. Just the thought of getting one could send me into a panicked frenzy, and I routinely hyperventilate when getting one. Even though I drink so much water leading up to one that I am water logged, doctors tell me that my veins “shrink” as soon as they touch me, so that they think I’m dehydrated.
I’ve been noticing in the last few days that the ‘charge’ associated with such thoughts has been much reduced.
Also, I’ve been able to really look at my inner elbows, which I’ve always avoided. But last night, it really hit home. I was watching ‘Stranger Things’ with my husband and there was a scene where someone was getting a huge needle in their inner arm. Normally, I immediately close my eyes and turn away from any such scene, and I also close my ears and make noises to myself so I don’t hear any of the associated sounds. But this time, I just continued watching. My husband was utterly shocked and asked me about it. I hadn’t told him about our sessions as he is an M.D. and tends to roll his eyes at anything “woo” or outside the realm of science and everyday reality. But I told him I’ve been doing energy work with someone around this issue and he was amazed and appreciative ….
So anyway, I just wanted to thank you so much. Your work has been life changing for me. In a very short time, you have helped me with an issue that has stubbornly resisted years of therapy as well as hypnosis. You are truly a gift, and I appreciate you more than I can adequately express ….
J., Nevada
After our last session, I really felt the shift and difference. Like, WOW. I felt lighter, sexier, and free to move away from my narrow vision [of feeling stuck doing sex work].
M., Rhode Island
Connecting with the reality that time/space is holographic was HUGE!! I felt that sexual abuse on both sides of doing/being brought to balance instantaneously was the ultimate experience of freedom. I cannot possibly express the gratitude.
D., Kansas
The effects of Tom’s healing were significant. In the session there were shifts but the release I continued to have physically made me aware of how I was holding pain in the psoas muscles that had been crippling me. “The Psoas Muscle, also referred to as The Muscle of the Soul, holds onto traumatic experiences on a cellular level. Releasing it with the right yoga poses can help the body process through and release trauma responses that have been locked within for years.” With Tom and the guides’ assistance, I could finally release years of stored trauma.
C., Florida