Lucifer in Aries (January 12th – April 2nd 2009)

The asteroid Lucifer’s headed into Aries tomorrow, to be there until April 2nd.

Its long trek through Pisces (see this post, which includes an introduction to the collective meaning of Lucifer transits) asked us to advance our connection to Source by releasing our resistance to remembering that all things we can do with our egos are made more meaningful and rewarding if our egos are aligned with what we recognize as good, or perhaps The Good, if we are in service to something greater.

In Aries, our evolving connection to what’s greater than us is to be advanced by seeing how our expression of will and our urges to act without thinking might take us closer toward or farther away from Source, or from what we know is good.  Aries is about doing and assertion, beginnings and action (usually unmediated/unthinking/unplanned). For some of us, we’ll get to see the effects we can have by acting without thinking. If this is you, open to the idea that you’re getting to see that some part of you is not aligned with what you know is good, and that you need to see it in order to strengthen your connection to a commitment to serve.

Checking in with your true motivations is the remedy for such things. But with Lucifer in the sign of sticking your foot in your mouth (this is a metaphor) can certainly show you what that part of you is motivated by.

Another possibility is to see in your instinctive behavior how doubt can be used as a tool. Lucifer’s archetypal journey rests on employing his critical, mental faculties to ensure that everyone’s motivation is in the right place. Doubt and skepticism (in an older meaning that we’re used to these days) are integral to that critical mind, evaluating all facets of a situation or idea. As the asteroid transits Aries, the use of doubt can be a little more aggressive or assertive (depending on how you understand and experience Martian energy), or it can be filtered through the mind very quickly. Understand that everything you see about your behavior and ideas is useful to show you more about yourself…even if, in classic Arian fashion, something comes out a little half-baked.

If you find yourself doubting Marsy behavior you usually don’t doubt for an instant, know that this transit can support you in seeing the uses of doubt, namely to ensure that your motivation is what you’d like it to be, enabling you to connect more (or release some old resistance to connecting) to Source.

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