Payment Methods Update

The payment links on my site are mostly PayPal, yet I’ve recently added for programmed crystals and audio files/courses at checkout Stripe. Separately, I do accept checks, Venmo, and Square. […]

Consultations Update

New video (7 mins.): Consultation/coaching options explained. Half-hour prerecorded mp3 readings & small-group coaching–read more and sign up here:

Leo 2020 Sun Forecast

As audio. As video. Tom Jacobs (; shares his thoughts about the Sun’s time in Leo this year. After describing the transition from Cancer to Leo, Tom looks at […]

New Consultation Rates

I’m offering new consultations rates–from my site: As a response to the current unfolding covid-19 situation, I’m temporarily changing both how my sessions work and their rates. Here’s how it […]

Ceres Video Playlist

Registration for Cerealia: A Festival of Ceres opens Friday, March 13, 2020. Check out my Ceres videos to learn more about how I approach Ceres regarding myth, archetype, and astrology. […]

Does Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Mean Women’s Voices Don’t Matter?

Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, Channel, and Medium Tom Jacobs ( & addresses anger, pain, and concern over what Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court means for individuals […]

Relationship Readings Deal Ends Today

Today is, of course, Valentine’s Day. The mythos surrounding it is that we’re supposed to be in love, in relationships, feel loved, feel our hearts swell from receiving romantic gestures […]

The Gift of Lilith

I’ve recently begun offering the True Black Moon Lilith Natal Report again. My work with Lilith treats this misunderstood point with the respect that we as humans deserve. Shaming the […]

Everyone wants to know about Lilith

I’ve specialized in Lilith, a predominantly misunderstood archetype, since 2007. Since that time, I’ve offered a life-affirming approach to what most consider demonic, evil, and shameful. I hear from readers […]

New Consultation Options

Beginning today, you can opt for prerecorded MP3 consultations from me at a lower price than a live conversation. Prerecording MP3s for clients requires less energy from me, as I […]

Larimar Update

I just returned from Denver, which was a trip with some vacation and some work. Mostly I went to visit some art museums and write my own kind of poetry-like […]

On the Zika Virus

The other day, I recorded some bird’s-eye, overview, collective-soul, spiritual perspectives on the zika virus. Listen for free on SoundCloud here.

The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 10Jul15

I’m loving doing these each week, to tell you the truth. Doing forecasty things on a regular basis for me has peaked with monthly videos and mp3s for my subscribers, […]

Leo New Moon today

Today at 2:49pm Pacific time. Plant new seeds that will enable you to leave your fingerprints on the world. Leo is about creativity, yes, but your opinions and personal outlook […]


I mean, “lunar opportunity.” But at first I liked the weird places my mind went with with the post title. I’m sitting here prepping for the radio show tonight realizing […]

Consultation sale ends today

Until the end of today I’m offering $25 off 60-minute consultations. This is a great opportunity to get to the bottom of what stresses, confuses, or vexes you about life […]