The Mayan Calendar and its End

I went to a talk last night, via the Tucson Metaphysical meetup, on 2012.
About 40% of what I’ve channeled on it overlapped with what she’s channeled, and it was nice to see someone else doing this work.

One of the things she emphasized is (I’m paraphrasing a bit) coming to know and accept ourselves fully. That if you want to shift with the stuff happening now, you can, but you have to do this.
She also talked of realities diverging, as when some allow their consciousness to shift, the world looks very different than for those who don’t. So, it’s going to get interesting here over the next few years.
She also mentioned that the spirit of Earth will not “get involved” until the shift has already happened.

The Mayan Calendar tracks the evolution of consciousness. These shifts are invitations to upgrade ours, to change contexts and learn to see things in new ways. Including getting in touch with our energetic natures (that some will call spirituality), and how our lives are created by our beliefs, which are energy…

So what is this shift about? In the end it’s about a lot of things. Along the way, it’s about understanding ourselves as the spiritual beings that we are, and not simply the products of our history – our family relationships, memories, pain from the past, etc.

So what does it look like if a person’s shifting?
–More emphasis on clearing out old emotional and idea-based/belief garbage is one thing. Just knowing that stuff you’re hauling around with you isn’t helping, and feeling a need to do something about it.
–A need to be alone more, perhaps without knowing why. Feeling drawn to take in less stimulation – via media of all kinds, including talking on the phone with close friends & family.
–A need to revamp or let go of long-standing relationships, perhaps without knowing why, perhaps feeling a little lonely because you seem the only one around you who’s doing it.
–An increased interest in mystical or metaphysical subjects, or remembering your interest from the past.
–Knowing that elements of or all of your life need to change, but not being sure why or what you’re to change them to.

These are general, but indicate an inner knowing that things are changing, that they need to change. If you’re feeling that things need to change, by all means, let them change! For those you’re not sure the whys or how of, your intuition is the tool to get you there. One of the parts of learning to trust and accept ourselves is trusting that gut instinct that each of us has.

And what happens if you don’t shift? I don’t know – no one does. My guides indicate vaguely, and my gut says, that maybe nothing will happen if you don’t shift. The big thing is that if you feel drawn to let things change and to trust yourself and your instinct more, then you should do it.

One of the major parts of all of this is coming out being fear-based and into that self-trust and -acceptance. Fear is what will keep lots of people from opening to the possibilities of what I’m writing about here. Part of the human deal the last few thousand years has been figuring out how we can be empowered while we’re told we’re totally not powerful by all the structures in which we live and the people running things. There are lots of sources of this, but the main thing to get is the deep and serious level of health creation that results from understanding in what ways we’re making choices for ourselves based in fear, and learning to make new choices from new attitudes.

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Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson, AZ, offering private sessions, tutoring and on-going coaching.