Current Events Profile: Tiger Woods

Three blog posts in one day?? Rare for me. I’m pulling my head out of a book in process, and realizing there are other things to say and ways to say them. I’ve heard vague hints about what’s been up with Tiger Woods, and thought I’d take a look at his chart to see what he’s being asked to do to grow at the soul level.

Before even looking at Woods’ chart, let me say that this is another example of Pluto in Capricorn challenging our notions of authority, but really who’s worth looking up to. Woods has become a symbol of many things to many people, from aspiring athletes to those interested in challenging racial boundaries to middle-state folks watching a lot of Oprah who appreciate charming/dashing/unobtrusive and youngish, adorable men.

The question for folks who look up to him is if the admissions from him about his extramarital behavior warrant dropping him as a role model. I’m not telling you my opinion or what to think, just pointing out that this is for the people watching the story a lot about Pluto’s revelation of our assumptions and preferences regarding role models. Capricorn’s about the people we look up to, and when we become such people, and Pluto transiting it tearing down our assumptions so we can rebuild things that’ll work better for us.

Moving on to his chart:

December 30, 1975, 10:50 PM, Long Beach CA (rated AA)

First thing to say is that with Pluto in the 1st house, his soul is choosing to explore being empowered as a human (feeling separate from the Source in a discrete body, etc.) by being some kind of leader. By learning to develop a sense of personal power through using his body (athletics), and being an agent of change (Pluto in the 1st makes decisions, is an example to others, initiates change through behavior). Through the lens of Libra, he’s going to try to do this without making many waves. The soul’s mission is about being powerful, but finding out what’s appropriate, what kind of middle road can be found, how not to offend others – being powerful while also bringing peace and harmony. He’s also trying to learn to be powerful yet also be in relationships with equals.

As far as recent events, here’s a rundown on the pressures he’s experiencing that jumped out to me. Remember that all of these pressures are to support him in his evolution, even if/as the accompanying experiences stink.

Progressed Mercury squaring Chiron-true Black Moon Lilith in Aries/8th: Natally, this Lilith-Chiron says that there’s a wounding to his sense of being able to naturally express all facets of his sexuality, and to show them to others. There’s an expectation grown from that wound that it’s not safe to do so; that he’ll be tossed around or tossed out if he shows them to the people in his life he trusts the most. Because of this wound, with women not his wife who seem to offer space for him to express all of himself will be very attractive – and there are places in our culture where the wild women who offer the promise of honest expression of Lilith are relegated). Retrograde progressed Mercury squaring it from the 4th is about him gaining more awareness of, but a deeper, more realistic level of consciousness of his need to heal his blocks about expressing his sexuality fully. To remain authentic, he does need to reach out and explore possibilities that do not fit with the warning voice in him that says he shouldn’t fully express himself.

Progressed Moon Squaring Mars: Time for him to do some work on how he currently expresses his Mars – will, assertion, aggression, and Mars is also about sexuality. Mars is retro natally, so the right expression of will/drive/sexuality for him is going to different than models he’s exposed to – so he has to find his own way to those expressions. In Gemini, that Mars needs variety, so he’s got to try to figure out exactly what to do with it via trial and error. Progressed Moon is about how we are evolving in being able to create happiness for ourselves, and the square challenges preconceived notions and habits.

Transiting Saturn in the 1st, coming to square Sun and in a bit conjunct Pluto: Saturn in the 1st tells us that we need to get real about what we’re up to, how we behave, treat our bodies, and show up to others. We’re told we have to take responsibility for what we’re doing, and often there are difficult consequences as what we’re doing comes to the surface and is visible for all to see. It’s soon coming to his 1st house Pluto, so he’ll have the challenge of introducing more reality and structure to his life. One goal usually of this is to get us to build something concrete in our lives to help us drive our soul’s evolution (Pluto as the soul’s deepest intentions and desires), and it can be not fun as we have to deal with our Plutonian fears. Woods’ Plutonian, soul-based fears include that he’ll make the wrong decisions and use his personal power in bad ways or to negative ends, or waste it. Relative to recent events, it’ll be hard for him to rebuild his sense of self-worth after his marriage, career and public face are all beaten up as they have been directly as a result of his choices.

Uranus near the Descendant: Changes in relationship are needed. The real deal with this is that how he goes about having them is up for review and sudden change. This often manifests in relationships quickly coming and going, as our “relating” wiring is overhauled. Sudden events come to us and we can choose to response by moving into the future, or feeling traumatized because things are changing.

Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron square his nodes, Neptune coming to square Venus: Squares to the nodes of slow-moving planets challenge our habit patterns while they attempt to draw or push us into new territory. His Scorpio Venus is on his North Node, saying he hasn’t gotten in his various lives to choose relationships that offer avenues into and space for intense sexuality (echoing the Lilith-Chiron in Aries/8th house). The Ju-Ne-Chi stellium in Aquarius is asking him to take some risks about expressing himself, in choosing relationships that work for him in new ways. Who he gets to be in his extramarital relationships is in some ways going to be more authentic than who he gets to be with his wife, no matter whom he married, by the way. With the South Node in Taurus, he’s been conditioned in his many lives to be safe, to build stability, not to ask hard questions, not to look deeply within. The Scorpio North Node is about shaking things up, getting brutally honest with ourselves. Neptune squaring Venus is about opening to radical honesty about how and why he chooses relationships. Since this Scorpio Venus is on his North Node, why he chooses relationships to date has a lot to do with karmic preconceptions based on his conditioning – not on anything that has to do with the real him.

As difficult as this situation and the aftermath is for him, it’ll result in growth for his soul if he can make peace with the fact of wanting and needing things he can’t have in the relationships he’s chosen to date. If he can accept the natural ways he’s wired and commit to sharing that openly with trusted others. But yes, it’s hard – it’s changing his karma and going down the path of utter self-acceptance, hard for any of us. Yet it’s when we’re most challenged that we have the opportunity to grow the most.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson. See his site at, where you can order an original true Black Moon Lilith natal report.