Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 31Dec09 at 10 Cancer

Since Pluto entered Capricorn in early 2008, we’ve all been challenged to tease out the difference between want and need. What we’ve been thinking were needs might turn out really to be wants, and the same the other way around.

Cancer-Capricorn is a lot about family, and how we’re trained to nurture ourselves and think of self-care. Our experience of this axis begins with how we learn from our earliest role models, then continues as we further their ideas and ideals, and then there are some things that creak and grind to a halt…when they turn out not to work for us.

It’s natural that we’re trained by the people who bring us into the world and rear us. Yet we all hit those creaky moments where we have to redefine things for ourselves to be happy and healthy.

During this eclipse, a small part of the Moon will be in shadow. The balance between solar and lunar we usually live with will be tipped a bit into the solar. When a little feeling is eclipsed, we’re left with what the Sun offers. In this case, the Sun in Capricorn wants reality checks. What about your own self-care is it time to get real about? What stuff from your past and history, that you might have learned from family folks, is ready to be evolved beyond?

This idea of role models leads directly to what’s happening in your family relationships. Saturn in Libra isn’t in tight orb to the eclipse (6 degrees), but its trip there is already going to have been calling up fairness and boundary issues. What’s fair? But really: Why do we think what we do about fairness…and what needs to be done to evolve beyond that? This should involve the other people in our lives, yet keep in mind that whatever isn’t working is not anyone’s fault. It’s natural to have to have some reality checks within relationship – keep in mind that how you respond to your speed bumps can serve you in your evolution. And all of our relationships serve us there.

What’s the loudest voice in you re how you care for yourself, how you meet your own needs?

Let the eclipse reveal to you if the loudest voices aren’t the best ones to listen to.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson, AZ. Contact him via his website at https://tdjacobs.com.