A New Book: Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes

Announcing the publication of

Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening

This new book chronicles a seven-year period in my life during which I went from denying my intuition to embracing it and working with it professionally as a medium and channel.

Many of my experiences along the way are included, as are the spiritual truths behind what I was experiencing.

I wrote the book to support people who suspect they are intuitive but don’t know what to do about/with it, and those who are looking to learn to open to and trust spirit.

It’s full lots of great info about the process of learning to trust what you can’t see! There is a chapter each on mediumship (working with the spirits of the deceased) and channeling (bringing through the messages of spirit guides and Ascended Masters), including dispelling popular myths about them and how they work.

Included is a meditation I use in my life and practice you can use to create a space in which you can hear the messages of spirit and soul – an invaluable tool for learning to open and trust your intuitive side.

If you are ready to get to know your intuitive self, spirit guides, higher self, or soul, this book is for you!

Order it here.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium, and channel in Tucson, AZ. He is the author of Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys and Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening, both available via his site at www.tdjacobs.com.