Jupiter and Venus Go Direct

Today Jupiter went direct in the 24th degree of Pisces, and a bit later Venus went direct in the 28th degree of Libra.

The two planets often thought to be the best and most wonderful planets – oh and then also the most bestest – appearing to change direction on the same day can have us and our wonderful plans slow down, go into paused mode, or seem to freeze up.

Jupiter is all about expansion and opportunity, and imagining better things for ourselves. Its retro the last five months (it is retro for that duration each calendar year) has invited us to check in what directions we have been expanding, and what kind of better futures we have been imagining for ourselves. Jupiter’s retros are naturally times for us to take a step back from flying into wonderful futures and see if what we really believe is at the core of them. In Pisces, this has been in some way about how progress and expansion are dependent upon releasing control (or the illusion of it) and learning to go with the flow. Also it is about orienting what we are up to to scales greater than our human minds can track – opening things up to grand scales and other dimensions.

Venus is about our value systems and how we go about navigating the worlds of various sorts of relationships. Its retro the last six weeks has invited us to check if the people in our lives should be there, and how their presence reflects upon what we find important. Do we have the right sorts of people around us? Are we playing with the right kind of people? The first part of the retro was in Scorpio, so this has been in some way about learning about power – who has what strength when, and why. I’ll bet you gained insights into why you do what you do, and why others do what they do. See the most recent entries in this blog for two on Venus retroing in Scorpio. Then it went back into Libra, so the focus shifted to protocols between people on various levels and what is fair.

When a planet goes direct after a retro period, we often feel the domain of life related to it suddenly okay to proceed with. During retros things can seem on hold. The point is that we are invited to check our motivations and methods, but it can seem that we’re just stalled.

What is up in your life re Jupiter? What expansion are you fixin’ to do? What beliefs have you been re-evaluating? Finding yourself a little more optimistic than usual? Or maybe pessimistic? Why do you think that is? What feeds it? How can you shift it if it’s an excess?
What’s going in your life re Venus? What are you up to with others? With your skills? With how you handle time and resources (including money)?

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