Profile: Woody Allen and Relationship Choices

Happy birthday to Woody Allen, who turns 75 today.
December 1, 1935, 10:55 PM, Bronx NY. Rated AA.

I’ve looked at Allen’s chart a few times over the years, looking at different aspects of his personality, work, and life. Tonight I went looking for a Chiron story, wondering if that might explain some of his relationship choices. (It explains a TON about his humor, but I think that might be for another post.)

Instead, though, I saw a Venus-Lilith-Pallas Athene-Pele in Libra story, which seems even juicier than had it been a Chiron one.

These four bodies are square his nodal axis in the sign of relating, indicating some karmic confusion over relationship choices. To break it down:
-Venus is about values, choices, and actual relationships.
-Lilith is about connecting with the wild and honoring our instinctive selves.
-Pallas Athene can represent a part of ourselves we try to distance ourselves from in order to succeed at something.
-Pele (the Hawaiian volcano goddess) to me is about experiencing energies in physical form very directly and powerfully – feeling the earth move, in a sense, when we are triggered somehow.

This quartet is in Libra, saying that he seeks to find balance in expression and that he is focused on these parts of him being activated by and accessed through other people. Their 2nd house placement says that his experience of these energies directly informs and significantly affects his self-worth. To summarize those four bodies in this placement, I’d say that he is prone to being deeply triggered by certain Venusian women, some of whom might not be good for him but seem to hold the promise of an intensely rich and serious Venus experience – the kind that epic poems and/or sagas are written about. And that his tendency to either give in to that seductive Venus energy or his tendency to try to deny it (Pallas Athene) each have gotten him in trouble in his soul’s various lives. He might in some lives had his career and social position utterly and totally destroyed by a relationship choice. Like as in never made another cent after it was found out. In this life it hasn’t been that bad – he’s still made well-received movies, for example, after some choices leading to a lot of damaging press.

As squares to the nodal axis, I put the label “karmic confusion” on them. When we have bodies in this aspect to the nodes, there is at least a something that we need to learn about them – something new. We have to learn to make new choices about these energies in order to break old patterns. We come in with habits and ideas about these parts of life and ourselves, and yet they do not lead us to feeling healthy and happy – they lead somewhere other than success. With squares to the nodes it can seem that we are always making the same mistakes again and again, while we wonder why that old way of doing the thing never works. It is true that we know something about them – but not enough.

One way of looking at this is that his attachment to what another can do for him is strong. When he meets someone who triggers this Libra/2nd house stellium, his response might seem all out of proportion. Lilith and Pele speak to a deep level of visceral triggering. And with Venus here and in its own sign, there can be a level of idealization of another going on. He has his South Node in Cancer, too, which means that he will tend to prefer seeing life through the lens of emotion. Some with this signature might not want to grow up and learn to see things realistically (North Node in Capricorn). Add the Venus etc. square to the nodes, and he has unresolved issues or karmic confusion about the right kinds of relationships he should have.

It can be easy to judge him for having a relationship with his wife’s adopted daughter. Yet I always want to understand why a person does what he does. Judging comes easy, yet compassionate understanding about how that situation could happen for him – given his karma – seems important. I want to say not that I don’t judge him for that, but that I want to understand him first, whether I end up judging or not. My skin actually crawled when I heard about that, now almost 20 years ago, but I work hard to understand people and have learned that we are all learning what we incarnated to learn.

We all are imprinted by karma and then make the best decisions we can. As karma is the sum of beliefs we carry in from our souls’ other lives, it can be changed. Yet many times we first need to live out certain scenarios that are in fact repeats or echoes of situations in other lives…in order that we finally get the lesson we need to get. It can be tortuous, and it can get us into a ton of trouble! But we need to learn. That’s why we’re here.

A good strategy for Allen when looking at relationship choices would be to acknowledge how someone makes him feel, how he is triggered, and then weigh the realities of the situation with a certain level of detachment before making decisions. That wouldn’t automatically lead to making different choices but it would insert more consciousness into things. More awareness of why he wants what he wants (Venus etc. in Libra in the 2nd house) is the key to unraveling the lives-long confusion of that part of his karmic journey.

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