Excerpt on Our Relationships with Animals, from “Approaching Love”

Channeled from the Ascended Master Djehuty in the volume Approaching Love, available through Amazon, Kindle, and my site:

It is time for you to become more conscious of your relationships with other living beings.  Today I will speak about your relationships with animals.  You are now being challenged to grow into more of your true natures as humans; to learn to inhabit yourselves fully and be the Divine beings that you are, having these human experiences.  Humans have evolved collectively on most parts of the Earth in most cultures to think of animals as different from themselves.  As your societies have evolved and you have explored more, your conception of your true nature, your idea of who you are, one result in many places on your planet is that animals are perceived to be yet another natural resource to be used for your benefit.

This teaching I will share with you today is intended to support you in a course correction regarding your conception of, your attitudes about, and your treatment of animals – your relationship with them.  From some of your cultural and religious doctrines you have evolved into considering yourselves, humans, as above animals, as better than any other animals.  Some of you consider it your right to place yourself, to place humanity, at the top of a hierarchy.  That thinking is based on your judgments that come from your perceptions of consciousness.  You are now being invited to evolve your level of consciousness.  You are being asked to open, to see yourselves in new ways; to understand yourselves as energetic beings.  Inevitably, when you do this, which many of you are, you begin to see other beings as energetic beings as well.

This is natural for this stage of your evolution.  This is appropriate.  When you submit to your process of evolution, when you surrender to your evolutionary path – which eventually you will do if you intend it – what you find in the beings surrounding you…these beings will seem just like people.  The truth of the situation with animals on your planet is that, just as you choose to be incarnated as a human in order to fulfill certain karmic contracts based in love, your true nature, your true essence, animals choose to be incarnated in their particular bodies, in their particular forms in the same, precise way, for the same precise reasons: To support the journeys of their souls.

Some of you observe animals to be just like you and you are no longer able to kill them in order to eat them, or to purchase their flesh as food from your grocery store.  There is currently on Earth much tension and anger and fear surrounding how animals are treated, especially in industrialized nations.  This is a very rich topic.  The first thing to explore is that, just as you have chosen to incarnate as a human, with your soul’s plan happening to fit with the particular moment that you were born and the particular way that moment, which is you and your energetic signature as a human unfolds over the course of your life, animals have chosen their paths for exactly the same reasons.  For an animal to incarnate here in this place now, there is a knowledge of the soul by the soul making that choice that certain kinds of animals are routinely raised, kept alive, fed, and fattened in order to be killed for the express purpose of feeding people.  This is intentional.  As you as a collective evolved your understanding of who you really are, you will naturally explore eating each other, valuing some of you over others of you, picking certain kinds of beings as beings you will have living in your home with you, sleeping at the foot of your bed, and other beings you will crowded in corrals with the express purpose of sending them to slaughter eventually and eating them.  The beings that incarnate as those animals know this.

Your task is not to be outraged at the loss of life.  Your task is not to indulge in sadness and grief for what these animals choose to experience.  Your task is to evolve yourself into choosing consciousness of energy, of yourself as an energetic being, of how you create the world around you, and how others create the world around themselves.  These beings who incarnate as animals intended to be food.  They come here with the intention of feeding others.  The karmic journeys of these beings are served.  Their souls’ missions are served by being part of the presently structured food chain existing on your planet.

If you choose to be an activist, to fight, to protest the eating, the killing of animals, understand your motivations.  Learn to see the existing process and structures of these world-wide systems through your spiritual eyes and not simply your human eyes.  Having an emotional reaction to the widespread slaughter of animals is a natural, human, emotional response.  People who have this response feel that we are all connected, but they are more conscious of feeling that connection to all of life than others might be.  This emotional reaction, this fear, this anger is natural and normal.  People, humans who experienced and who choose to boycott the eating of animals and who choose to fight in some way the raising and slaughtering of animals for food are also fulfilling their karmic missions.  Their souls’ journeys are benefited whatever the theme of their learning is, whether it is about self-empowerment, whether it is about developing, standing up for, and expressing a strong sense of morality, developing a moral compass, whether it is learning to honor life and to stand up for other beings.

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