Annoucing an Important New E-book, “Conscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond”

I’m proud to release today an important new e-book, Conscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond.

It collects five channeled teachings I’ve offered as individual MP3s that the Ascended Master Djehuty originally intended to be offered as a set. Understanding and working with intuition and Spirit Guides, manifestation and creation, what soul is and how past lives affect our present lives, and turning fear into faith are covered.

These teachings are all about giving us tools to come out of past conditioning to step into our true natures as the powerful, Divine creators that we are. Can we accept the truth that we-as-souls, as portions of Divine Intelligence or All That Is, have created all that we have experienced? This is the invitation now as things on Earth change and shift unbelievably quickly.

The information is vital to us now as we head toward the end of the Mayan Calendar, but will serve us in incredibly important ways going forward. Djehuty is clear that mastering these concepts and tools will lead us into the next phase of human evolution.

Conscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond is currently available as an e-book through my website, soon to be available via Kindle and as a paperback via and other online retailers.

Read more and order the e-book here.

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