Neptune Goes Direct Today

Neptune is the planet of truth and illusion. It allows us to connect to higher realms and other dimensions, as well as escape the truth of what’s in front of us.

Isn’t that interesting? We can see the truth and be changed by it, or we can spend a ton of energy turning away from it and keeping it out.

Why we turn away from it is all about finding the truth of something – usually ourselves – too much to deal with. We can feel overwhelmed by seeing the capital-T truth behind something that’s going on.

In my experience, I’ve had to make space and time to deal with the reality of seeing what I see when I have Neptunian times. It takes energy but not like any other kind – sitting still to open to be fine with seeing something bigger than me, or feeling it, or looking into its eyes.

Today Neptune goes direct after its annual 5-month retrograde period. It has for that time appeared to move backward in the sky from our perspective. This means that its influence on us has worked in some way other than normal for 5 months. Now it’s ready to get back on with the regular way it affects us.

Stations, when a planet appears to be changing direction, offer the opportunity to see into a part of life and ourselves deeply. More deeply in fact than when it is in motion – direct or retrograde.

Look to where Neptune is transiting your natal chart now to see the opportunity you have to open to some higher truth and perhaps bring it through to this dimension.

Neptune ends its transit of Aquarius on February 3, 2012. Now that it’s direct, it’s the end of the line. We’ve had the chance to allow mental constructs to erode, as well as conceptions of difference. Many of us have been able to see and sense more truth inside and around ourselves. This has been good, but the natural next step is for it to enter Pisces.

How can we understand the planet of illusion/deception and truth entering its own sign? See my site here for info on an mp3 that explains Neptune’s 14-year transit in Pisces that begins February 3, 2012. It’s an exciting time for individuals and for us all, and the potency of Neptune entering its own sign deserves our attention.

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