Uranus is Direct Today

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Its five-month retro period brought us to see more deeply into what leaves us feeling less than free. In Aries, this was all about our initiative, will, boundaries, and self-assertion. Uranus in any sign wants us to choose freedom for ourselves so that we can maximize our unique contribution to the world (think of the humanitarian angle attributed to Uranus), and for the last five months we’ve had plenty of chances to gain insights into how our lack of speaking up for ourselves keeps us from doing just that.

Today, the planet went direct at 0 Aries. The apparent change in motion (it doesn’t really change direction but does from the Earth’s perspective) brings a reversal of how we experience the energy. Now that you’ve seen how a lack of standing up for yourself and a lack of taking action to be just exactly who you are affect your mission, you will now be able to see where and how to make changes to better your life. Uranus going direct can finally give us the impetus to make long-overdue changes.

Uranus-type changes always have us leaving behind what does not work. In any given situation, a dynamic within it or the situation itself will need to change. In other words, if you choose to change something (and if a relationship, if others choose to change it with you) then it has a chance of survival. Yet there are things in your life that simply do not work. Things that, let’s just go ahead and be honest with yourself already, you need to cut out of your sphere.

Look at what makes you feel hemmed in. Then observe why you’ve created it! When Uranus strikes our lives it is easy to see that something is not right but less easy to take responsibility for having created it. But do so. See what constricts you as your own creation and then resolve to do what it takes to improve or replace it.

Uranus times often have us feeling that we have to break out of something quickly, especially now that it is in Aries, the sign of the warrior and attack/rescue/defense. We realize suddenly that something brewing for a long time simply cannot endure – but usually it is that we suddenly realize that we cannot stand it any more – and it can seem the only way to respond is quickly and without thinking. This often creates disaster in our wakes, though!

While you do need to act with speed now, be clear that you do not have to hurt self or other or burn bridges. Get grounded and take responsibility for yourself. Be intentional about how you will live your life and experience being you.

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