Venus in Aquarius (December 21 – January 15)

The planet of values and balance comes to the sign of originality, freedom, and breaking free of constriction.

When it comes to Venus, values and balance in our minds can get swapped with money and relationship. Look at your relationship with money as reflective of your value system and your level of self-worth, and your relationships with people as reflective of how you go about creating balance with others. Also, your choice of people reflects what’s important to you, so these two sides of Venus are in fact linked.

The highest use of Aquarian energy is to ensure that you free yourself from or make elbow room within the structures of your life. Aquarius is not about being a loner but having the right associations for the right reasons.

This transit will inspire you to seek freedom when it comes to your relationship with money and your relationships with others. Check for lightning bolts from the gods (sudden bits of intuitive knowing) with this transit that you can use to free yourself from what’s going down that doesn’t work well. They might also come so you can create more freedom within existing setups in your world.

One thing to check is that you’re willing to trust your intuition when it speaks up. Look for the cues to changes you can make and be willing to take some risks – you’ll be happier when you’re freer.

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