Ascended Master Djehuty on Volition and Intention

This is Djehuty, a.k.a Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin.  Today I wish to share with you a message about your volition.  Much of what I share through this channel centers on the fact that as powerful Divine beings, you are constantly creating your reality.  I offer you insights into how the manifestation process works even when you are not aware that you are manifesting anything at all.  In fact, all you think, feel, believe, and intend sets in motion energetic cues that, when in full bloom, are the manifested relationships, situations, and dynamics of your day-to-day life.

The choices you make are based in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions.  Today I am putting your attention on your intentions and how they flow out from you.  This is a way of saying how you volunteer your energy to participate in the activity that creates your life.  You are constantly putting forth energy to create, even when you are not aware of it.  Having a thought is what it is but entertaining it establishes its vibration as a creative edict.  Thoughts may pass over and through your mind all the time and this natural.  Yet when you focus on one, you adopt its vibration as your Divine command.  Focusing can be the result of a belief that you carry and so you must be very intentional about what you permit to be true in your life and world.

The energies that you run in the form of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings determine your experience.  Separately, there is the issue of how you react to them.  If you can pull back from your reactions to what comes to you in your life – experiences, relationships, situations, etc. – then you will be able to see into the belief or thought that has drawn what has come to you.  In other words, you create a dynamic because of a belief you carry and then you react to the manifestation, leaving you many times unable to feel, see, and sense clearly into why it has come to you in the first place.  To your human eyes it will look like something is happening to you and you will not feel clear enough to see the situation through your spiritual eyes, which is how you can get to the bottom of anything that is happening in your sphere.

Your volition creates your world.  Your intention creates your experience.  What are you intending?  What energies are you bringing forth to create your world?  What thoughts are you vibrating into creation?

Then ask yourself what is truly in your heart to create.

You will need to make a commitment to letting go of thought, feeling, and belief patterns that vibrate unloving relationships, situations, and dynamics into creation.  There are parts of you carrying those patterns because of a sense of having been hurt and those notions are the only things that have seemed to explain why the pain has come to you.  Surrender the need to assign meaning to the pain you experience and accept that pain is one emotion and that it is a necessary part of you knowing yourself as a human, which is why you incarnated in the first place.  Upon doing this you will free yourself to manifest love in all its forms in your life and world – you free yourself to manifest what is in your heart in the world around you.

Thank you.

Ascended Master Djehuty is a timeless being who hangs around Earth to support us in our evolution, whatever that means and looks like. The channel Tom Jacobs is in a body and likes to bring through helpful messages to support evolution, whatever that means and looks like. The new volume Djehuty Speaks combines four channeled books into one – order through his site to get an introductory deal.