5/5 Scorpio Full Moon Release Call Recording Available

Last night Ascended Master Djehuty led about two dozen callers through a process of releasing root chakra blocks and debris to get them more grounded. It was powerful, and twelve hours later, I still feel the calm that he leads us to create within us.

It’s important that we are in our bodies – we need them! Not just to survive, which is of course obvious. But they are the vehicles for our journeys as souls to learn about being human. Over time we all accumulate energies that we later cease needing and in fact do not help us in any way. We have to release them in order to be present, yet sometimes we develop beliefs about and identities tied to them that make them stick.

This recording is a self-guided tour through releasing attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts about sex, money, and the kind of person you should be that have been absorbed from family, community, religion, and nation/culture.

The recording serves as a bookmark for Djehuty’s level of consciousness. If you listen to it and choose to be open to receiving his help as he suggests, his vibration will work on yours as he did for those on the call.

I’m offering the recording on a sliding-scale donation basis. Read the details and order here.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand and do what your soul came here to do and give you insights into and tools for healing and making it happen. Ten books and two original natal reports are available through tdjacobs.com.