Mars Conjunct Saturn in Libra

It’s taking place while even the chickens will be slumbering tomorrow morning Pacific time, but we’ve been feeling the ramp-up for days if not weeks.

The skinny:
Mars wants action. Speed. Adventure.
Saturn wants long-term plans. Structure. Morality. Slowness.
In Libra, each at least sort of thinks that others should be consulted or modeled after before and during anything getting done.

This conjunction is a great way to see into a trap inherent in Libra that we normally gloss over when we live stories through its lens: How important is the other to what you want to get done?

No, I mean really – how important is the other?

What if I told you that others are imaginary? That they are drawn into your life to show you aspects and modes of your own self that you need to see?

What if everyone you ever met was like a plant in your very own live audience? Strategically placed in one spot or another in order to get things moving when the time is right?

That, my friends, is actually happening. That’s how it works between people. Souls all over the globe and across time collude to help each other out. That’s kind of a bigger story than this conjunction, so let’s wind it back:

Regarding what you might have fire in either belly or loins to be and do (Mars) and what you know you need to do for the long haul in order to improve your life (Saturn), you do need to consult others and take into account what’s up with them. But look at them as reflections of what you are ready as a human to learn. View others as manifest lessons for your own personal journey and look at the tensions and stalemates, chases and diversions, as part and parcel of what you as a human are here to experience and learn during this life.

You’ll feel better if you treat them with kindness and respect, but learn to look at them as reflectors of your needed life learnings. If you do, quandaries and confusions about why things happen the way they do will melt away.

With this conjunction in Libra you can see into how best to move forward in your life if you accept that others in your life who might be trying to slow you down or avoid your belly/loin fire are teachers for you to see more into what is possible to do with others both in the short term (Mars) and the long term (Saturn).


  1. There are goals you have that are unfolding downright inspirationally now that might need to have others edited out of them in order for them to actually happen. Perhaps you find yourself feeling dragged down by others’ or another’s turtle-like qualities and you are not sure you have 35 years to wait for them to start moving with you and you feel you cannot wait. Drawing in your energy from previously-shared plans just might be necessary now for you to retain your steam/fire.
  2. There are plans that get you revved up and you’re about to get set to start considering doing something about it and/or putting them into play but you could use some input from at least one trusted other – but you don’t know you need input. You think the plan is superb as it is. If you have not shared what you’re thinking/planning with anyone, this conjunction says you could benefit from it … as long as they are the right people. That includes smarter while kind, supportive, encouraging, imaginative, good listeners, and those with open minds.
  3. You are considering risking something big that’s been on your mind for a long time. You’re not sure you can do it alone. Perhaps you’ve hoped/searched for a partner and perhaps not, but you wonder if you’re going to do it and make it. One of two possibilities:
    a. You should work with someone on the something. Choose your compadres with short-term chemistry and long-term goal and philosophical compatibility in mind. Establish solid ground rules and commitments to each other based in mutual respect.
    b. You should not work with someone on the something. Call back all of your energy from stranded projects of all kinds in the past, forgive yourself if you dropped balls here and there or if you lost steam. Gather your confidence and make the decision that you believe in yourself and that you’re going to invest energy and allow the something to unfold in the best way possible for all involved.

There are others but these are what flew off the fingers. In this case with the sign of getting along and working together (Libra) hosting both the gas (Mars) and the brakes (Saturn), we need to be realistic about our Libran selves. Sometimes the best lesson in Libra is that we should do something on our own precisely because we are passionate about it; let ourselves be motivated to share it with others even if don’t have a partner to work with in the moment.

We are, after all, each in the process of learning about the right kind of relationships we should have and how to have them. It’s the basic human trip as we learn about love: what it is, where it comes from, and who is responsible for giving it to whom. Sometimes we have to unplug from others to make sure we are loving ourselves first – that’s how we can begin to manifest our vision of our lives.