My Nutshell Take on Astrology: Changing Karma by Changing Consciousness

When I look at a birth chart I see the multilife journey of soul that a person is living. When I talk with that person I gauge where he or she is in that journey. The chart itself is a map of energy, which is to say consciousness, and little else.

In chart configurations I see tensions that carry over from life to life. I also see how the family the person was born to and/or raised by provided the perfect karmic incubator for his or her life lessons.

So when working with charts, I see the landscape of emotional experiences that person as a Diving being has created for him- or herself. Nothing the client says can surprise me because I’ve studied the chart as a map of the person’s consciousness field. All of his or her major experiences and views on the world can be seen in the chart as a map of consciousness. (For more on this see The Soul’s Journey I book and the Emotional Archaeology Intensive MP3s.)

Something we all have in common is that we carry emotional memories from many lives right now. If you dig down into someone’s emotional core you’ll in fact find issues and challenges that person faces over the course of many lives. Any given life is a laboratory to learn about themes the soul sets out for the person.

And these emotional memories shape us in each life. What happens is that a life experience happens. It happens because the person is broadcasting the energetic cue “I need to experience it.” Then the person has emotions as a result of both the fact that it happened and what it meant or what followed the experience.

Any meaning attached to the emotion gets lodged in the person’s field and this is in fact karma.

And then our lives are run by the karma we carry, which is comprised of the beliefs that we carry about why things happen to us – good and bad.

It’s complex but can be broken down – and I do this each time I work with a client whether in a single reading or in ongoing coaching work. Karma can be changed because karma is beliefs about why things happen is the base of my work.

A lot of what I do has been informed and shaped by the work with the Ascended Master I work with, Djehuty. A.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin, his take on anything is always a bird’s-eye view of it and he hangs out with me to show me why humans create the experiences they do and how to change the beliefs that they (probably don’t know they) are running.

I love doing this work because it empowers people to change how their lives work if something is happening that they do not like, love, appreciate, jive with, or thrive as a result of it happening. Personally speaking, I need to be empowered in this way and before I was doing it for others I was getting some much-needed injections of optimism, hope, and empowerment in my own little world.

We are each usually in process of some kind (it’s the name of the human growth game!) and mine has involved establishing a practice of getting present. Because we are carrying many emotions from other lives and our beliefs get triggered by things that happen to and around us, we have the capacity to run on autopilot and revert to living through and out beliefs from the past about why things happen to and around us. The pull to react is strong and it can seem at times that reacting to old patterns in old ways means that we cannot for some reason change life.

But we definitely can. Sometimes we need a little help and this in fact is my work – supporting people in their evolution, healing, and education as Divine beings figuring out what it means to be human – what we’re all doing here in the first place.

Join me Saturday, September 29th just before the Full Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus and square Pluto for an opportunity to get a evolutionary/life boost in the form of a consciousness upgrade from Ascended Master Djehuty. There’s a lot of good stuff that will go down in this 2.5-hour telephone Consciousness Upgrade Clinic and there’s a video explaining the whats and whys and a flier with all the details including how to register.

The nutshell story is that after receiving a number of what I call “software upgrades” to my own consciousness level in order to be able to understand and channel Djehuty and do energy work on people to heal issues across time (we usually call them past-life issues), I’m now beginning to channel him to give other people upgrades. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to to do it – so I hope you join us and receive your own direct transmission from this Ascended Master.

When we’re present, we’re not run by the fears that are carried over from past lives. We see the triggers within us but have gone through a process of making peace with our human histories as what we’ve as humans needed to experience in order to learn how to be here. Life isn’t about happiness or the absence of pain – life is about the full measure of experiences available to us as humans. It’s about living.

And in the process we can choose to refrain from collecting a lot of negative karma, which are just negative beliefs we come up with after being hurt. We can live a different way – and that is what I’m offering through this Clinic as well as all the work that I do.

The Consciousness Upgrade Clinic will give you a boost in the right direction – see the video and flier linked below for more information about how this will benefit you.

9/29/12 Consciousness Upgrade Clinic Video and Flier