The Human Relationship with Fear

The single biggest impediment to everything in life that’s wonderful, freeing, opening, and loving is fear.

But I offer you that fear is normal. We fear the unknown, the uncertain. We are not sure what will come next and especially when it comes to making decisions – are we thinking clearly? Do we have all the facts/have we done our homework? Are we asking the right people the right questions? And perhaps bigger than all of these: Can we trust ourselves?

I also offer you that fear is not the problem.

It is our relationship with fear that is the problem.

Think about someone you know who seems fearless or, at least, seems not to have fear in the same way that you do. That person encounters the same inner voices full of doubt and worry that you do, that anyone might or does. But that person over time has in some way altered his or her relationship with fear.

In my client work I listen to people talk about what they fear. Then I do what I can to help them separate their identity from the part that carries the fear. Normally (because of typical conditioning) we judge and shame the parts of us that have fear. They carry forward doubt and concern and we somehow think that to be a good person we have to be strong. We come to see ourselves as strong or weak as a function of fears that we carry.

Well, since fear is normal, if we get in such a cycle then we are setting ourselves up to find ourselves weak in the end.

I’m inspired by the perspective that dealing with fear is not about strength. It is about a simple choice to put our faith in ourselves first.

Anyone who told you not to do so was wrong. Anyone who told you to be quiet when it comes to your own needs and expressing yourself was misguided. Those people were conditioned by people who were conditioned and – get this – all of them were wrong. Perhaps many meant well but all were wrong.

And so here you are, a unique individual who is a portion of Divine consciousness, trying to live an empowered life through the morass-like veil of all that conditioning that – again – was mistaken and misguided.

Do yourself a favor and rework your conception of what is happening with fear within you – rework your relationship with fear. Whatever it is that you fear, begin to conceptualize that you carry fear that is not in fact you. Look at parts of you as carrying fear and then consciously begin to identify with your true nature as a Divine being. Your power as such a being is in free will and choice.

All the choices you make for yourself that are based in love affect your relationship with fear. Each and every choice you make from a loving place contributes to shifting the balance of power fear has in your life.

Join me and Ascended Master Djehuty Saturday, September 29th at 12 noon Pacific for the first Consciousness Upgrade Clinic, a unique event for the Full Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus. One of the many wonderful components of the Clinic is to call back and reintegrate fragments of yourself from across time that can help you alter your relationship with fear.

Elsewhere on the Earth timeline (in what we usually call our past lives) there are versions of you and departed fragments that know how to handle what vexes and taxes you about your life. Parts split off and leave during times of stress and they have skills and understandings that we either don’t or that can augment our existing skills and understandings. Calling them back and reintegrating them makes us more whole and opening to being whole now is a major part of the human evolution/healing/ascension game on Earth now.

You can see a video I posted explaining the processes of the Clinic and why this special event is important to join. It explains more about calling back and integrating these fragments as well as the other processes we’ll go through in the Clinic on the 29th.

Our relationship with fear is a major component of whether we give ourselves permission to embrace our strength as Divine beings because the currency of power in the Universe is love.

This is to say that to be strong is to be loving.

We are ready to revolutionize our conception of strength in this direction. The first step is for individuals to give themselves permission to be self-loving. The Consciousness Upgrade Clinic will give you a powerful boost because it will open you to choose more self-love in all you do in your daily life.

This event will really be that amazing. I’ve been revolutionizing how I care for myself for a few months now in order to be able to carry Ascended Master Djehuty’s frequency in ways that will support you in your evolution in more and deeper ways. During a 22-day juice cleanse in August I meditated on my next steps as a channel and he explained that I am ready to offer others upgrades in the same way that he has given them to me over the last 7 years.

Join me September 29th for this amazing opportunity to alter consciousness for the better!

Consciousness Upgrade Clinic Flier, Video