The 2nd Pluto-Uranus Square is now

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The 2nd of the 7 squares happens today in about, as of this writing, right now. About 3:33 pm Pacific time.

If you have placements in early Cardinal signs you’ve been feeling things get ramped and warped and amped and stoked and boiled up for a while. The active degrees over the 3-year period of these 7 squares is just under 7 degrees (today at 6 degrees 57 minutes) to over 15 degrees of Capricorn-Aries in 2015.

The posts linked to above contain a lot of what I have to say on the issue, and there is an e-book through my site or Kindle that goes into further detail about the confrontation and conflict these two powerhouse outer planets in Cardinal signs are engaged in within our psyches and hearts now.

Whatever it is that’s up for you, it’s about power vs. freedom and the apparent squashing of one when the other is pursued or upheld. The apparent need to squash one to have the other.

It can be intense. Transformative.

Frustrating. Infuriating.

And, perhaps, exhilarating if you thrive on challenge and change and all that go with them.

And whatever it is, you cannot avoid it. Even if you have avoided it for decades or many lifetimes.

I suggest you choose to face the tension and struggle, and even powerlessness, that might arise as something in your life needs to change.

And remember that it might be a mindset that needs to change – a mere mindset. It might not be that your entire life needs to be uprooted. Maybe to prove a point that you’re worth respect, freedom, free will, or something else you feel you have been denied will a part of you advise that you need to slash and burn what isn’t working. Maybe it will vehemently and nastily suggest rigging all the bridges on the way out of town with explosives just to make sure no one can come after you and have the chance to speak even one single word to you after your grand, dramatic, sexy, and well-deserved exit.

Yeah, so maybe it’s a mindset and a willingness to experience something in a new way that will be all that changes. But parts of you might not be entirely sure how to trust that that is sufficient given the tension you have been feeling.

So feel it out. Feel into it.

Feel into, around, down below, and through what is going on and catalog all the voices of anger, pain, frustration, hurt, despair, and anything else that might want to speak.

The best thing you can do for yourself in the short term is to hear all these parts of you while choosing to get centered/grounded and making a commitment to doing what is best for you on all levels, not just what feels dramatically right in the present moment.

Blowing the bridges on the way out of town might feel great – and certainly looks awesome when the camera documenting your exit has the bridge behind you at just the right angle and your hair rather dramatically flowing in the breeze as you and your trusty mount gallop dramatically in slow motion toward some free, much-deserved, and dramatic future – but in the long run, you’ll regret it.

(Better to sit with yourself and save the dynamite for when it really counts. Like the next Pluto-Uranus square? a part of me asks.)

Oh, and then Pluto stations today and begins its next direct-motion chapter. Big changes regarding empowerment up ahead both re your perceptions and the possibilities. Check out the e-book mentioned above for the full story on that. The short version is that for 5 months we’ve been challenged to see more and more deeply into how we do and experience Pluto in Capricorn. Now it’s time to take what we’ve learned that doesn’t work and apply it in the direction of things that will work better.

I’m off to watch the replay on my natal Venus-Jupiter square riding off into a fabulous and dramatic future on replay. It’s just the dailies so I’m not yet committed to any version. Also, there are multiple angles and takes and I really have no idea which one will escape the cutting room floor.

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