Energy is Money is Energy Course in October

On October 10th I’ll host a conference call to explain the links between energy, love, money, and debt. This information is critical to opening to receiving, which opens the door to flow more with life. A healthier relationship with money is just one result.

Then beginning on October 20th a class open to 6 students will begin. The call is required to take the full class but you can join the conference call on 10/10 without committing to the class.

In the full course beginning October 20th, you’ll receive channeled affirmations to reveal knots, blocks, and bruises you have about energy and love that affect your relationship with money.

Group conversations on 10/27 and 11/3 will include your natal chart, factoring in your karma and soul’s journey in order to make the teachings from the 10/10 call real for you.

In the full class you’ll get two sets of affirmations and two mini-readings from me. This course will shed light on your karma surrounding money, love, and giving and receiving. It’s an opportunity to free yourself from energetic patterns in your life that keep you either in debt or closed to receiving support, love, and money from life and the Universe.

The August and September courses went very well and I’m excited to teach it again! It’s all about raising consciousness and I love doing that.

Read all the details including how to register in the PDF flier.