Mars in Sagittarius + Rx Jupiter in Gemini + Saturn in Scorpio

There’s a cahoots thing suddenly in play with these three planets. We could say it’s a layering effect and it will affect the will to act and all plans and intentions related to it.

Saturn entered Scorpio yesterday (05Oct12), making our awareness of the doing of things and the reasons behind that doing deeper and more intense. There’s a call to get truthful about what is happening and why (the new Saturn in Scorpio MP3 tells the full story) that opens up deeper new vistas into situations than Saturn in Libra could offer.

Libra’s about trying to create fairness while Scorpio challenges us to get serious about what we’re doing together and why. In Libra we navigate choices within relationship and in Scorpio we find ourselves facing and confronted by truths and deeper motivations, some of them ulterior and heretofore secret. In Scorpio we often surprise ourselves with what we learn about what we’re up to and why.

Today Mars entered Sagittarius, making the urge to act freer, fresher, and wanting to expand existing horizons and find new ones. Mars is now in Jupiter’s sign and the impulse to begin new projects and get physical as a result can suddenly be huge.

But the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, recently began its annual retrograde period in Gemini, the sign opposite its rulership (that very same Sagittarius). Yes, Mars needs to act but has as its advisor at present a planet in strange(-to-it) territory and beginning the process of spending about 5 months working funnily in that good ol’ retro fashion. There’s nothing wrong with Jupiter in Gemini – I do not subscribe to debility, fall, etc. – but it has its unique invitations, some of which certainly are challenging. One is to open the mind and gather new info in the opposite way that we are accustomed to if we live through the lens of Sagittarius. Newness, shininess, and an influx of new data that we shouldn’t try to make sense of yet (ouch!, shouts my Sagittarius stellium) are the call of Jupiter in Gemini.

The result can be a very strong impulse to act with the feeling of being stunted once you engage in action. If you’re inclined to find such a thing frustrating, try this on for size: let it instead be a check on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the timeline you’ve set for it. The Mars thing now includes that planning might not have happened at all – you might have just tried to leap into something new and cool … without a plan. Nothing wrong inherently in taking advantage of sudden inspiration but again, Mars’s advisor now might be a bit reticent to act and hesitant to make any kind of planned, focused progress. Jupiter’s deal now is to be wowed with how things work and all the nifty new gadgets and tools and words that are always flying around the head and mind.

One last note: Jupiter’s advisor during its retro in Gemini is Mercury, the ruler of that sign. It just entered Scorpio, making Jupiter’s process a little weird: It needs to open up to new data and all things shiny and is being advised by a planet in a sign quincunxing its current placement. It is akin to being two degrees beyond being in a strange country and not speaking the language – something like also being expected to learn to juggle and/or take a Kundalini yoga class with instruction in that foreign tongue.

Trust me when I tell you that we’re all going to make it. Check in with instinct and feel your way. Some of us might find ourselves doing what a friend of mine found himself doing when listening for possible bumper contact while backing up a large vehicle in the dark – driving by feel.

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Saturn in Scorpio MP3