Saturn is now in Scorpio

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This almost 3-year transit will ask us to get to the bottom of power dynamics of all kinds.

Anything working through Scorpio isn’t satisfied until we understand deeper/deepest motivations and the psychology behind all we do and are inspired to consider doing.

Saturn as it transits challenges us to get real, realistic, grounded, serious, mature, moral, and responsible, as well as to establish a long-term plan and set out to do it. Then it lets us know how particular existing circumstances we might have been clinging to for a long time get in the way …

… and tells us we need to get rid of them.

This leads us to the sacrifice and limitation aspects of Saturn in transit. It can ask us to go without. In fact it’s giving us an inside track into seeing the truth of what is necessary and what is preferred and, you guessed it, what is preferred must at times give way to what is necessary.

All of this with this almost 3-year transit will involve digging below the surface, truly understanding desire, motivation, fear, need, and boundaries to do with self and other, and other intense ways and means related to Scorpio.

I’ve produced an MP3 exploring all of these themes including a wrap-up of Saturn’s time in Libra (where it’s been) and how the transition to Scorpio will work, mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn and all it means regarding power dynamics and structure being overturned, the 3 retrograde periods (dates and degrees plus meanings), and the 1st and 2nd Saturn returns in Scorpio. The MP3 is just under 2 hours long and can be ordered here.

Those of us with Scorpio placements will be directly affected yes, but all of us will experience Saturn’s truth-telling mission through the sign of the Scorpion. Especially with the mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, truth becomes the most important energetic currency possible. The more truthful we are, the better things are – in the long run, certainly. So this transit will ask all of us just how much truth we believe we can handle in the short term.

How you respond to that question, regardless of your Scorpio placements or lack of them, will be telling. If you make the decision to become able to handle all the truth there is, Saturn transiting Scorpio will recognize you as someone worthy of respecting. In other words, if you decide that you can handle anything, Saturn will not treat you to the worst Scorpionic experiences imaginable, which I wonder if people are now fearing as the planet of limitation is entering the sign of power plays. It doesn’t have to be awful – I assure you.

More truth, more awareness, and more willingness to be aware of and respond to subtle energetic and emotional dynamics will serve you well. Choose to leave behind reactivity to those subtle dynamics and step into more ability to respond and you’re halfway through the invitations of the transit.

The full story on my rather Scorpionic take on this transit is told in the MP3. I do have my Sun in this sign as well as Venus conjunct Pluto natally. I tend to see things through a Scorpionic/Plutonian lens and when I was recording this MP3 – which listeners have called intense – I felt right at home. I love that level of looking at and feeling into things – Saturn’s transit through Scorpio will ask us all to get more uncomfortable looking at and feeling into less comfortable but persistently real truths that surround and fill us every day.

As one example, I haven’t yet mentioned in this post sex, sexuality, sexual violence, or sexual healing – and that is something we all must open to discuss more and move energy more around and through during this transit. We are all going to get some wake-up calls to explore bravely with open eyes all about these parts of life that still vex, confuse, hurt, and tongue-tie us.

More on that from me as this transit unfolds, I’m sure. For now, get the MP3 to begin opening the door to hearing Saturn’s call in this most intense of signs.

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