Thoughts on the Winter Solstice and the End of the Mayan Calendar: The Rebirth of Vision

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My dear people,

Today is the Winter Solstice – the Sun is now in Capricorn. It is also the famed day that is widely believed to be the end of the Mayan Calendar. The Solstice is seen as a beginning of a new year – the rebirth of the Sun or solar principle – and the end of the MC has been long expected to be a truly significant ending.

As I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been working for a few years to understand the meanings of our times. The more I’ve learned through meditation and being guided by various unseen friends, the more I am confident that the only thing we need to fear about life on Earth right now is the normal human tendency to give away our power. It makes us feel less than strong and opens us to any energies that happen to be swirling around us. At this time we are surrounded by questions concerning the validity of our fears: should we be afraid? Are we safe? What will happen to us next? What does living on Earth at the end of 2012 mean?

While this day is not special for reasons that parts of us tending to interpret our lives as transcripts of powerlessness might expect, it is in fact special. Each year the rebirth of the solar principle invites us to sense within us layers of inner reality that can, in time, stir us to productive action. But the ingress of the Sun to Capricorn is also about vision. Capricorn is seen as a sign of hard work, realism, productivity, responsibility, and maturity but to get anything of value done there must be vision. Don’t assume that only Sagittarius and Aquarius have room for vision! Don’t assume that Pisces is the only sign about dreaming the future into existence.

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