Pisces New Moon, Monday at 12:51 pm Pacific

header_home1Happening at 21 Pisces 24, this new moon is about surrender. Sure – sounds great, right? Isn’t surrender a good thing?

But wait – what exactly is surrender?

Your conscious mind assumes surrender is all about letting go of control. Well, don’t you know by now that control is a major problem in the lives of many people?

Your mind does not want to surrender anything. It perceives – and if you identify as your mind then you perceive – that letting go of your perceived need to control is a very bad thing.

What if surrender is learning to go with the flow? Well, that’s a bit different because at least there’s something out there to which you’re ceding control over your life. But maybe that’s not mind-based enough for you …

Well, try on for size that the kind of surrender that’s best for you is to yourself as a soul living a human experience.

Often as I channel spirit guides and an ascended master for clients and workshop participants and the messages of surrender coming from these beings are all about giving in to who you are as a diving being, as a portion of cosmic consciousness packaged rather conveniently in your human meat-suit form. Such beings, who have not forgotten the wisdom that comes from remaining connected with their divinity, never ask us to throw our arms up in the air and give up – a normal fear about what it must be like to live a Pisces story. They ask us to allow that we are more than our minds and that our spirits seek to come through in our daily lives.

This new moon is the perfect opportunity to explore more sources of information, the kinds that can come through the osmotically imaginal, liminal experience of feeling Piscean energy surrounding you. Mercury is retroing in Pisces still and this contributes to the perfection of the moment – you’re already a bit confused about what is supposed to be happening. Why not just allow that what is happening is what is happening? If you have the intention to be guided and to work with what fits your highest good at all times, then what comes through will be for your highest good whether intuition, guides, masters, angels, or your higher self.

The new moon is square Vesta and Ceres in Gemini (15 and 23 Gemini respectively). This adds to the conversation a need to be focused on opening to what might need to come in that will feed you during this seed-planting moment. Vesta’s about dedication and Ceres about nurturing (if I had to pick a single key word for each).

We might say that allowing yourself to be uncomfortable can open you up to growth (the function of a square – tension leads to growth). Vesta-Ceres squaring the new moon from Gemini and this invites you to allow new information to come into your imagination and vision. Let things come in from the side that might challenge you but will offer you additional tools and resources to plant a new seed in the moment.

And yes, new moons are about planting seeds. There is something within you that is now ready to be seeded regarding Piscean surrender. If you choose to surrender to yourself as a divine being with a path to explore while human, you set yourself up for growth, consciousness expansion, healing, and becoming more and more able over time to be able to guide yourself into your next best steps.

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