New Class to See Karma & Past Lives in Birth Charts

header_home1Sometimes I’m asked about the nuances of my thought process after being tutored by an Ascended Master about soul and how reincarnation and our multilife journeys work. At other times people tell me they wish they could get wired into my brain so they can learn how to work with charts the way I do. This new course is meant to give you the chance to get inside my thought process while we practice karmic chart analysis together in a class setting.

Over 7 Monday evenings beginning April 8th, I’ll show you how to quickly and succinctly see karma and past lives in astrology charts.

The 4-step method I use to analyze charts has been written about in The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Karma, and Reincarnation with a Medium and Channel and explored in a workshop setting in The Soul’s Journey II: Emotional Archaeology.

In the new course Reading the Soul’s Journey teleclass I’ll guide you through becoming comfortable seeing karma and past lives in birth charts.

Join me for this course and spread the word – many in astrology are ready to add new dimensions and layers of meaning to their astrology studies and work.

tdjTom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand what your soul is here to do and how to make it happen with grace, ease, and joy. Book your private consultation, get a Soul’s Journey Soundbite, and explore intuitive coaching and astrology tutoring by visiting Jacobs offers 12 books including the new The Soul’s Journey II: Emotional ArchaeologyThe Soul’s Journey radio show airs live each Thursday at 6 pm Pacific on Contact Talk Radio.