Get Inside My Astrological Mind: Reading The Soul’s Journey Course

header_home1Recently the Reading the Soul’s Journey Course wrapped after 7 weeks of taking students deeply into my astrological thought process. I taught them to see karma and past lives in astrological birth charts, showing them how to weave a karmic story from any birth chart to understand where the soul is coming from and how to help the human align with it.

Wonderful feedback came in about the course as it unfolded and I decided to offer it for sale so you can learn my approach at home. But I’m giving you a bonus which is for 2 months following purchase you can e-mail me with questions on the material just as students in the live course did. So you’ll have access to me as you work through the material.

I’m excited to share this approach. It is based in the material in The Soul’s Journey book series and the course breaks down the concepts to be as easily digestible as possible. 5 handouts on karmic markers in the chart (covering Pluto, South Node, South Node ruler, and North Node) are included as are 3 sets of practice charts used in the calls. The call MP3s themselves number 7 and are around 90 minutes each.

This is cutting-edge material making soul and its multilife journey real and accessible for astrology students and practitioners. If you’ve been drawn to explore evolutionary astrology this course will open your eyes and mind and significantly expand your tool set for working with charts. As I see it, understanding the journey of soul and working with ourselves and each other as energetic beings on a multilife human trip is the future of astrology. This approach honors soul and the human living the soul’s journey.

From a man who recently began the course on his own:

Firstly just want to say thank you for sharing this content.
I love the work you do on evolutionary astrology, it’s clear and truly brings to life the truth behind how we can use astrology to gain such intense insight to our lives.
I am busy working through the course work now (loving it) and it’s opening up so many ideas of how to build the story of the natal chart. I feel that the perspective of astrology that you have including the work you do is something I really want to master.
Once again thanks for the work you do.

-S., Sweden

Read more and order the course. Contact me at (213) 925-6019 with questions or to arrange for payment with credit card or check.

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