Announcing a new course for September: The Family Sessions

With Jupiter’s entrance to the sign of Cancer about a month ago I decided to develop some courses and materials to teach you more about yourself as an emotional being. Jupiter fills things with oomph and sometimes urgency, making them bigger than we sometimes want to be. Emotions now are one part of your life that need attention – you can’t take advantage of the opportunities it brings without shedding the past stuff you carry that occupies you.

A major part of your development as an emotional being is your history with the family you were born to and/or raised by and the family you gather around you now. So the new course will take you into this terrain and raise your level of understanding about the nature and realities of family.

Maybe you’ve heard of soul contracts. Maybe you’ve heard or figured some awful things about them and wish they didn’t exist. They do exist but they are never about the negatives we experience with others in our lives. Soul contracts are not about karmic punishment! They are about the opportunities to learn as humans as a result of bouncing off each other sometimes in admittedly painful and damaging ways.

The new course The Family Sessions will shed light on soul and soul contracts that create family. I do this kind of work with clients all the time with wonderful, healing results that empower them to see the truth about their soul contracts. This is the first course you can take with me to learn about family and the kinds of contracts that can exist.

The sneak peak: You’ll get an intro MP3 explaining the basic teachings. Then you’ll listen in on 3 live client sessions in which I help the client understand family issues and soul contracts. But the really cool part is that you’ll then get to ask me and the client questions about his or her chart and life.

This is a great opportunity to learn perspectives on soul and how human lives are shaped by the soul’s intentions. The point of this work – and course – is to help you understand more and more deeply the intentions of soul.

Complete details are in the flier.

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