Energy/Emotion Clearing Recording is Available + Event Debrief

Saturday, August 31st I channeled Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Sariel/Metatron for an event to clear old energies and emotions from your field. Callers experienced a tour of their chakras from root to crown (1st to 7th) to release feelings and ideas from their histories that cannot serve them now and perhaps gum up the works of their lives. You can read more about the event itself and get the MP3 here.

Djehuty lead the call verbally and Sariel/Metatron did energy work on all callers. Those familiar with Djehuty through the Full Moon Event MP3s I offer will feel the difference as Sariel/Metatron comes through my voice during parts of the call with Djehuty. Sariel/Metatron’s input modulates Djehuty’s vibration and the effect is powerful!

In addition to letting you know the MP3 is available, I’m writing to do a kind of debrief of my experience preparing for and facilitating the event. As written about in a previous post I’ve had a conscious relationship with Sariel/Metatron since late 2004 and he has been a guide of mine, offering feedback and advice along my way. I’ve been channeling Djehuty for a few years and Djehuty made it clear that I wouldn’t end up channeling him alone forever. When Sariel/Metatron told me he’d be with me during this recent event I was a bit surprised after being in a rhythm with Djehuty for so long. But I was open and so spent the week before the event prepping by threading in Sariel/Metatron’s vibration to Djehuty’s as I carry it daily.

The result was that some work was done on my consciousness to clear things out and reorganize other things to be able to carry both frequencies for the event. As can happen when I’m having such work done on me – and it’s happened numerous times over the last decade – my daily routine was somewhat interrupted. Sleeping at night became challenging and didn’t feel restful in the morning and frequent naps during the day became necessary. Also cardio exercise kept happening suddenly as I felt I needed to move my body at what would otherwise be odd times such as when drifting off to sleep. Several days I went downstairs to do jumping jacks, jump rope, pushups, and abdominal work including planks. The point of the physical activity needing to happen when it did seems to be about integrating new energies by moving out old energies. Vigorous exercise definitely moves energy!

I also experienced some issues with remembering details as I got used to carrying three perspectives instead of two. To be fair I am in the Neptune square Neptune transit, which can make things fuzzy. My natal Mercury is conjunct Neptune and so fogginess has to some degree been louder the last few months. But during the week preparing for the event I also couldn’t sit still when I was around certain frequencies. I was hearing the vibration behind what others were saying and suffice it to say I interacted with people in my personal life much less than usual during the week.

And I also had my share of old emotions and energies coming up to be dealt with – processed and released. I did much of it without enlisting the support of my partner and others because I was full – I had support! I had Sariel/Metatron coming through in a new way; not simply as a guide but as within my consciousness. At times to stir this and to inspire focus I read some stuff about him on the web as sometimes how people describe a being can be an access point to the being’s consciousness. I learned through that that what I was experiencing was what others reported his input to effect: more focus, replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and others.

For days I had in my head a regular song from a churchy-type place my partner and I sometimes attend, based in Science of Mind principles. The song is called “I Am So Blessed” and is often in my head but for moments now and then. Most of last week it was playing nonstop as though Sariel/Metatron was DJing to keep me focused on positive thoughts. A couple of times I had the image of him stimulating the song in my mind and indicating something like, “You just keep listening to this and I’ll catch up with you later,” and then he’d be gone and I’d have my homework of staying in the positive frame of mind the song aims to seed.

And all of this not to mention the direct visit he made to me in his dimension of Metatron, which I describe in the previous post linked to already. There was some awe and trembling that morning as I met him directly in order to get stirred to adjust to his vibration. The day after that I did a tutoring session for a client and after we talked astrology for an hour, she had a heart-stirring experience and it was a couple of hours until she had processed it. It was just that I was carrying Metatron’s vibration directly still and she had debris in her field activated that was ready to be released.

That’s all I can think of to share with you about the last 10 days or so. It’s been nothing like a blur but somewhat like one, and I feel calmer and able to integrate Sariel/Metatron’s vibration and input into my life and work.

To have your own transformative experience and release energies and emotions from the past that are ready to go so you can be more of who you are, get the MP3 of the event. And stick with me for these channeling events as they only get better!

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