Get the Energy/Emotion Clearing MP3 and feel “clearer and stronger.”

From a regular participant of the channeled Full Moon events I’ve offered since May of 2012:

Hi Tom,
Special thanks to you and Djehuty and the Flaming One
[Archangel SarielMetatron] for this event. It was super-powerful for me. I discarded a ton of debris and feel much clearer and stronger. While listening, I experienced some very interesting visuals – a series of ancestral male faces, carved in wood one above another, as if onto totem poles. They were imposing and vividly detailed, highly individual with their various kinds of strong features, beards, Puritan-style collars, etc. – authority figures whose likenesses I am ready to heave into the fire.
The whole time, I was awash in a field of bluish-purple light.
Today I find it very easy to identify and dismiss quickly ‘all that does not belong to me.’
Thank so much, as always, for your generous work.

What happens when you listen to the MP3 and go into meditation with Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Sariel/Metatron is that they create a container for your consciousness to shift to a higher plane.

When they ask you to make certain self-interested decisions and commitments to yourself the effect is stronger than if you think or meditate on things on your own. You align with their level confidence and strength, enabling you to get tuned up for the better.

It’s really an amazing process! I’ve been doing this with Djehuty for years and the effects have been incredible. I’ve been able to change my mind about why things happen in my life, reducing stress and frustration in major ways. Adding Sariel/Metatron to the process cranks up the effects of the changes when you decide to release energies and emotions that don’t belong to you and/or can’t serve you.

The powerful effects of the Energy/Emotion Clearing Event from Saturday can be experienced through the MP3, available here. I’m told repeatedly by my unseen friends (guides, Djehuty, et al.) that in order to evolve as humans now we have to alter our relationship with our emotions and history, clear out of our fields/consciousnesses what isn’t ours and shouldn’t be with us, and step into conscious intention when it comes to how we run our lives. That is the entire point of the work you will experience with the MP3, which is just as impactful as being on the call live.

Instead of monthly Full Moon events, going forward I’ll channel these beings for periodic healing clinic events like the one. This master and archangel are making themselves available to help us get on track with what we came here to do.

Read about the event itself and get the MP3 here. When you order it I’ll also send you instructions about how to prepare to hear the MP3. It’s strong medicine and there are a few things to know to make sure you’re stepping into it with awareness.

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