Working title – It’s All in the Breeding: Rabbits and Slaves

My girlfriend told me she wanted to spend some time with animals. Holding and loving furry animals is the implication when we have this conversation, which is maybe 4x/year. She asked me to look up rabbit breeders in Tucson just in case one might let us come by and hold the bunnies. Where she used to live she had a rabbit for a pet and misses the furry and warm love exchange, and I support it.

So I look up some places and find a site of a guy who breeds rabbits. He’s got some pics posted of the rabbits he’s selling as well as his breeding stock. And when I see this array of pics something I’ve been thinking about for years got triggered.

It was in looking up dog breeds years ago to try to learn more about them. Like, as in, learning to tell dogs apart. They all look alike to me – kidding – but if they’re barking constantly I just add them to the expletive-face list and don’t give an expletive what kind of expletiving expletive dog they are. But I kept getting to breeders’ sites and associations and there is a particular sort of way of thinking of and communicating about the animals that triggers my anger at being slaves of various kinds in other lives. (You can read about a couple of them in The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study.)

Being bred to have certain characteristics is not really the thing but it’s being appraised and valued in monetary terms that does it.

Seeing a being prized for its genetic lineage and physical characteristics kind of sets me off.

To be fair, many kinds of animals live their lives this way. But when it comes to animals that are raised to be food, something in my head doesn’t speak out. As I’m writing I realize it may be because I am not attuned to looking for the soul in the eyes of a cow on a ranch I drive by on the highway. Even when a friend introduces me to the chickens he or she keeps in the back yard (Tucson allows this – pretty cool) I’m not looking to connect on a spiritual level with those chickens.

Which I what I guess I am actually seeking to do when I encounter cats. Sometimes dogs but always cats. I want to exchange niceties and establish rapport when I meet a cat and after a few years of doing animal communication – mostly with cats for clients here and there – I can’t look at them as anything other than just like me but having chosen a different physical form for this trip around the merry go round than I did.

I’m like looking for a heart connection with cats, as it happens. A love connection, if you will. And I almost always can extend that to dogs as I’ve learned from my channeling experiences what purpose that conscious form serves a soul’s journey (read about that in Approaching Love or Djehuty Speaks, which includes AL). And then it’s not that far to slip into the realm of bunniedom.

My point, I think, is to observe that animal breeding in one way has a distinct parallel to slavery. Stay with me.

Valuing a living being for what it can do for you financially is a specific sort of mindset. We’ve spent a great deal of our time on Earth believing that animals are for certain purposes and that we are not really animals – not anymore. Not since we advanced beyond them and earned the God-given right to dominate all on the planet (one of the most heinous expletiving teachings of patriarchal religion, incidentally).

Because it’s just a tiny little hop to having a narrow definition of what an animal is, what a non-human is. Enter slavery in all its forms.

Owning other beings is part of the collective human learning journey about what love is, where it comes from, and who’s responsible for giving it to whom. Slavery as a construct defines who is worth having certain rights and who is worth being owned as property.

Commodifying living beings and seeing them in terms of monetary value they can bring is what it is no matter what you call it, no matter what part of the timeline you’re playing on, and no matter how cute and furry they may be.

I think there was a specific incident that sparked this a few years ago. I saw some lady with a dog of a particular breed of whom she was obviously very proud. Like paying money for this member of a particular canine genetic line gave her pride in herself and increased her value as a living being. I was probably gawking with jaw dropped when I imagined her investing her self-confidence and ability to love herself in the fact that she owned this particular animal with these particular papers. (Maybe that’s unfair but stick with me.)

Taking pride in ownership of another being is the point.

And it does bring up some other-life stuff for me about being owned. Yes, I’ve been owned. Sometimes I went along with it and felt crappy about myself and life itself. Sometimes I fought and argued and had the expletive beat out of me – I have the memories in my body all the time.

One effect is that in this life no one gets to tell me what to do. It might sound noble to be independent and whatnot, to determine my own fate and all that, but it’s hard living with another person who would like you to compromise. My girlfriend is cool with this part of me but I think she’d like me to use the dishwasher instead of washing everything by hand and leaving it dry on a towel on the counter. She seems to like empty counters but I just have this thing about I have to do it my own way. Anyway I’m working on the dishwasher bit and aware of these triggers in me. The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study spells out how I work with other-life fragments in order to get present, so check that out if you’re interested a unique view on soul and how I integrate what we usually call past lives.

Thanks for reading. Kind of a jumble of thoughts but I think you get the point.


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