New Moon in Libra, 04Oct13 5:34pm Pacific

This is happening today at 11 Libra 54, highlighting an inner sense of something to do with Libra.

A bit vague, yes. But what that something is for any of us will vary given our Venusian/Libran tendencies. But what we have in common is an inner feeling  becoming apparent, an internal need to express something about balance, harmony, creativity, peace, connection, justice, equality, being heard and acknowledged by others … the list is long.

Libra isn’t about being fair, etc., but about learning how to be fair, etc. (for more on this check out the recent The Soul’s Journey show “Inside Libra” by subscribing to the podcast). It’s about the process of learning to balance things together – often the needs and desires of self and other – by taking into account what each is experiencing.

Central to this process is each individual involved in a situation or relationship to adequately represent who he or she is. Meaning that if others don’t know who you are and where you’re coming from – and where you’re headed – then they can’t work with you to create balance, harmony, and fairness.

A lack of speaking up for one’s self is the major Libran issue that comes out in my client work. We seem to want others to know us without us having to risk making waves by telling them.

For this lunation today make time to feel into what’s happening under the surface in you about Libran issues. New Moons are not necessarily for doing but they are definitely about allowing what is happening on the inside to influence outer behavior. In other words these times each month are not about plotting and scheming but feeling and sensing and then allowing an organic process to take outward shape. But if you are not aware of what you’re feeling, sensing, wanting, and needing, then you can’t be organic about what wants to happen!

I spent a great deal of time and energy developing myself into a musician years ago, beginning when I was a kid and got my first little trombone and splatted, blatted, and flarted out my first notes on the fascinating piece of metal tubing. (I distinctly remember walking up to the table with the instruments to try – I was in the 4th grade – and this horrific and full, loud and obnoxious noise came out the other end of this piece of metal – I was surprised that could happen and just about hooked.)

From ages say 14-25 I thought and intended to become a professional musician but life changed. I began writing creative stuff around age 25 and it was harder to play – attention was elsewhere. I deferred an appointment with grad school to do a certificate in trombone performance, never taking advantage of the opportunity. I still played but less seriously. I rarely talk about this because a part of me regrets moving away from music. I had worked super hard and while not perfect I was able to see improvements the more I worked, great for my 2nd-house Sun. The remaining time in Boston I played in a variety of community and pick-up groups including orchestras, pit orchestras for musicals, a brass quintet, and others.

Then I moved from the Boston area to LA 10 years ago and music took a back seat to developing an astrology and eventually channeling practice. Life was taking unexpected turns and I was being rearranged from the inside out with channeling spirit guides and ascended masters and talking with the dead.

Now, a decade into that process and working with and hearing great feedback from people all over the planet, I feel the absence of music from my life. The New Moon today is on my Venus-Ascendant in Libra (10 and 12 degrees of Libra, respectively) and the last week I’ve been unable to remain distant from this major part of me. It’s a pull to play a horn again, go to performances, and think musically again.

A vast storehouse of creative energy over the last decade has gone to developing my astrology and teaching work, not to mention writing or channeling over a dozen books and numerous courses both short and long. Now it’s time for me to go back to incorporating the musician within me and I’m happy about it.

But I want to be clear that it’s not an idea. It’s not something my brain or minded self decided to do. It’s a feeling, an inner state that I am at this New Moon making space to feel and allow come to the surface.

Whatever is up for you with this Libran reinvention, make space to feel it and let it come out. Make a commitment not to judge it or think too much but run with the feeling. At New Moons you’re in the right groove if you settle into inner reality and let a part of you speak from the inside out.

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