01Nov13: The 4th Pluto-Uranus Square in Capricorn-Aries

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While different points and planets are affected at different degree points, we’re in general getting used to the feeling of the pressure generated by these squares. When we’re at our best we’ll respond to the inner calls made manifest to change what is stagnant and unproductive in our lives.

Our normal tendency with Pluto transits is to try to avoid them, finding ourselves unable not to react harshly after a period of avoidance. Typical strategies with Uranus transits include putting off making changes followed by hyper-reactivity that has us changing everything in our lives and having patience for almost nothing.

Squares are always tense as two energies with methods and motivations at cross-currents pressure each other to do things differently than they are naturally inclined to do. Each seems to say to the other, “You’re doing it wrong.” Squares are wonderful for creative change … but only when we let it happen. Capricorn is about learning about who’s in charge of us while Aries is about instinctive, self-interested action.

With this 4th square between the two outer planets at 9 degrees and 25 minutes of Capricorn-Aries (3:01 am Pacific time on November 1, 2013), the story of who’s in charge of our lives and how free we allow ourselves to feel (and therefore be) continues to unfold.

Even if you don’t have placements within 5 degrees or so of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – those most, um, “stressfully engaged” now) there is something in your life that is coming up now with tension, the need to change or shed something, anger whether repressed or not, and perhaps a feeling of restlessness. This is normal!

It would be easy to say, “Just go for it!” But there is a process to relieve the tension building now that doesn’t involve decimation and destruction of the foundations in your life.

One thing central to successful navigation of this square is to make proactive choices. As in, look with open eyes at what is happening in your life and how you feel about it, and then make the decision to do something about it. The worst thing any of us can do is not do anything or put off action. When we do then the energies build up and release is created in a way that is not your conscious intention, leading to decimation and destruction.

Along the way make sure you are continually coming back to awareness of what it is that you’re feeling. As you are being sponsored by the tension between the planet that shows us what we think of as our inherent ugliness (Pluto) and the planet that under no circumstances will take it anymore – whatever “it” is as it could be anything – (Uranus), repressed feelings will want to come out in perhaps drastic ways if you don’t make room for them consciously. Again, leading to decimation and destruction.

Things have to change, yes. But how will that happen? Said a better way, how will you allow that to happen? Encouraging change is what long-term outer planet transits do. Ok, actually, demanding change is more often the case. Our response is everything and our willingness to change is at the heart of that response.

Don’t let yourself gloss over what is very obviously wrong, out of place, imbalanced, and unfair in your life. You matter. Your needs and desires matter. Your decisions about what you can give when and why (boundaries in the proactive sense) matter. What you want to experience with another/others matters.

Catch yourself in those moments when you feel inspired to be you and then, more importantly, when you begin to edge back from the edge of inspiration. Stay aware. Be willing to make changes that suit you.

Do this and life will become better – I guarantee it. Not that there won’t be some energetic, habit-based, and emotional debris to clear out and clean up, because there will. But it turns out that the reason humans are here in the first place is to learn about free will and choices, and about who is and should be the source of love for the self. The 7 Pluto-Uranus squares are in the end about driving change in your life so that you can learn more about the power and effectiveness of choice through feeling driven (or forced) to make proactive change.

So be involved in how your life is changing now – it’s much preferable to letting change you didn’t intend happen to you and, sometimes, take over.

Check out the Transforming Self-Doubt event on 09Nov13 to help you work with the energies in play now. Allowing yourself to make conscious changes requires trusting yourself and this channeled event will provide a powerful boost to your self-work efforts and deep energy work from an ascended master and an archangel that will increase your ability and willingness to trust yourself.

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