More tiger iron pieces now available

TI014The first 8 sold rather quickly and I’ve been back at the wheel cutting and polishing more. Right now 5 are available here.

This week I’ll charge them with the vibration of Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) while channeling him a handful of times. On the page linked to above there are resources linked to give you info on who this dude is, why he asked me to work with these crystals, what I’ve been doing with my personal pieces the last few years, and how to understand using a charged piece of this crystal. They include a video, an MP3, and a PDF.

If you go to the page and see all are sold, more will become available in a week or so. I have enough rough rock to keep us in charged tiger iron for months! But it’s also now the gem show in Tucson, so I’ll probably be picking up even more. Vendors from all over the world are here and there’s a large variety of (it seems) everything you could get your hands on. Fossils, gems, crystals, rough pieces, jewelry, native art – everything. I’ve set up a shelving unit in my office yesterday to hold and organize all the rough and polished pieces.

I picked up some tiger iron and a couple of other things the other day from a woman from Australia in a moderately-sized tent at the show. I loved the energy of the people working there and felt good about it.

Then went doMookaite bin at Tucson gem show 06Feb14wn the aisle and found tiger iron for $2 less per pound than I’d just paid but the pieces were so big I couldn’t deal with getting down into the giant barrel to find something I could carry offsite. But what I got was still inexpensive relative to other sources I’ve checked out and the energy to go with the purchase was good, and that’s worth a couple bucks more per pound.

That was where I hung out with a bin of big mookaite rough pieces – posted the other day but here again. I do believe that will also be cut and polished per Djehuty’s instructions and we’ll see if they are to be charged.

Today Jilly and I are going to two other sites and we’ll see what’s there. (There are I believe 41 different sites around Tucson.) It’s exciting – there’s so much to look at and play with.