What’s with all the rocks?

Mookaite bin at Tucson gem show 06Feb14
A huge bin of mookaite rough pieces with which I wanted to hang out all day.

Those following this blog or my Facebook page are finding a lot of stuff lately about rocks. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but here I’d like to explain the point and how it relates to my evolutionary astrology work, how most people aware of me found me.

When I do astrology work I’m giving individuals insight into how their past experiences and feelings about those experiences have brought them to where they are now. Whether we’re looking at job/career issues, or relationships or family or anything else, they’re learning about how their beliefs create their realities.

I approach this using astrology birth charts but astrology for me is a tool for use in articulating that creative process. If you ask about being or becoming strong – or feeling not strong – my eyes and brain might go straight to Pluto’s configuration in your chart. Then in working with the issues you bring I may ask permission to read your energy field and take a look at the energetic contours in your chakra system.

These contours reflect beliefs, attitudes, and ideas that you carry in your consciousness. And what you carry manifests your life including the kinds of experiences and others you encounter and your physical and emotional health.

My job doesn’t stop in telling you what transits and progressions to be aware of – so I’m not simply an astrologer. It’s in helping you alter the beliefs, attitudes, and ideas that you carry that shape your field because hose shapes create your life around you.

Looking at things this way I think it might be easy to see why rocks have made their entrance to this process. They hold frequencies that reflect to us what’s out of balance in our fields. Different stones affect different energy and consciousness pathways in your field, enabling you to become conscious of blocks or imbalances. The idea is that they support you in changing how your life works. When you read about the properties of a crystal or gemstone, understand that those properties are what you meet in that particular kind of material and then you have the option to work through what’s imbalanced or blocked.

The use of tiger iron specifically at this stage in my work with others is discussed via the resources linked here, which is also where pieces charged with the vibration of Ascended Master Djehuty can be purchased when more become available (tomorrow, 08Feb14). Those resources include a video, a channeled PDF, and a channeled MP3 (25 minutes) from Djehuty explaining healing 1st and 2nd chakra stuff using tiger iron.

(Yesterday at the gem show here in Tucson – the largest on the planet, I’m told – I picked up more tiger iron, a few pounds of mookaite, a zebra stone, and a small piece of labradorite. I’ve been using the first two regularly – tiger iron while channeling and doing energy work for years and mookaite for a few months to break up the effect of so much tiger iron use. Mookaite encourages openness to new experiences and finding novel solutions, which I needed as I felt in a rut. A friend in Australia sent me two small pieces and I’ve been playing with them for a couple of months.

Labradorite is something I’m drawn to for reasons I’m not clear on yet. When I’m drawn to something I often can’t understand why even after reading about it. I think I’m somebody who has to learn from crystals through experiencing them. But at the gem show yesterday everywhere this crystal was in both rough and polished forms I was drawn, sometimes walking into a huge tent and feeling the need to go to a particular corner – each time that’s where this crystal was displayed.

Zebra stone I’m going to play with for me, but the others I may begin cutting and polishing to offer others. I can’t remember what zebra stone is about and even if I go look it up again now (for perhaps the 6th time in a week) by the time I toggle back to this window I won’t remember any of it. So I’m going to spend time with it and see what’s what. After getting introduced through time spent with a piece it’s often true that the written stuff about it begins to make sense and stick with me.)

So using crystals and stones can affect the contours of your consciousness. If you have a stone and you understand what it will do and will try to do in your consciousness – if you have instructions and a direction, or a goal – then the piece becomes an asset to you unfolding your path intentionally. Ascended Master Djehuty loves that kind of thing and so we can all stay tuned for what he has in store for me next. Whatever it is, it likely will benefit you as all these things I’m up to are geared toward figuring out ways to be of service that support all of us and keep me always learning and somewhat entertained.

Now I’m off to the rock shop to cut and polish more tiger iron – the pieces that will be posted for sale on my site here tomorrow.