More Charged Tiger Iron Available

Tiger iron stones
Cut and polished tiger iron pieces to be charged with Djehuty’s vibration and used as meditation stones.

Recently I posted a few more pieces of tiger iron that will soon be charged and ready to ship.

Read about this endeavor, find links to resources explaining all of it including Ascended Master Djehuty’s explanations in a channeled PDF and a channeled MP3, and order yours at this page.

The gem show here in Tucson is over. When I first tallied up what I bought I thought I maybe should be embarrassed but it’s a lot of great rock that will become high-vibrating meditation stones. So far it’s been all tiger iron – a layered combination of hematite, read jasper, and gold tiger’s eye – and at some point I’ll begin cutting mookaite and others, too.

Having a bunch of rock in various stages of development – all the way from a rough piece weighing 28 pounds to those smaller pieces cut, polished, and charged pictured above – in the house changes how the energy flows for me and my girlfriend. We’re each having our attention put on lower-chakra issues, which tiger iron stimulates so we can have a chance to become aware of and come to resolution with them.

Tiger iron rough

Those who have received a stone already are noticing effects, too. A student of mine has noted she and her partner each having more intense dreams about things they each need to heal – the stone is in the room while they sleep.

A client wrote me with questions about being simultaneously drawn to hold and work (meditate) with it and feeling a bit overwhelmed by some deep feelings welling up inside her. I sent her some guidelines for intentionally moderating the effects, which I’m happy to do for anyone who gets a piece.

Just having one of them in your life will help you see what in you needs resolving. They are charged with the frequency of Ascended Master Djehuty, which happens when I channel him while putting his energy into the stones. For me it is pretty intense and I need to rest after I do it. For those who receive the stones it’s a boost to the healing, releasing, consciousness-raising, or evolutionary process they’re already working.

His intention is to help us evolve as spirit living as human, no matter what that takes. He’s a teacher, scribe, messenger, mediator, and translator figure who hangs around Earth to support us in evolving. I’ve worked with him for about 8 years at this point including channeling books, MP3s and group calls, and doing a lot of client sessions.

I love hearing recipients’ stories in part because I’ve been there and I’m on the other side of many of those processes – and in one piece. At times during a few years I wasn’t sure I’d get through my own stumbling blocks and live to tell the tale, so it makes me happy to be able to provide this kind of tool with instructions and a confident knowing that whatever they are dealing with, it’s temporary and they are strong enough to do it with compassion and grace.

Get a stone here. See pieces that have already found homes (including a map of where in the world these pieces are!) on this page.