Is there such a thing as destiny?

clcdcoverFrom the soon-to-be-released channeled book from Ascended Master Djehuty, Conscious Living, Conscious Dying:

“Soul intends that you focus repeatedly or continually upon certain life themes available to humans and […] its intentions are broadcast to the universe as commands to bring manifestations of those themes to you. Because of your soul, you are vibrating divine commands that will draw certain kinds of experiences and dynamics to you. Many people notice this effect and wonder if (or assume it to be) destiny or fate. Nothing is predetermined for you except that soul is vibrating through you certain life themes into manifestation around you. How you respond to what comes to you is everything.”

Soul sets everything into motion so that you as a human learn to respond in ways that teach your soul how to live a human life. It’s a fascinating story – one that I’ve lived with for years as Djehuty has shown me how to counsel people on issues related to soul, deep emotions, and the soul’s multilife journey.  We’ve been calling other lives of our souls past lives but soul knows no time – it’s all happening simultaneously from the perspective of soul.

The whole story is succinctly told in Conscious Living, Conscious Dying. The preview sale with the PDF e-book available through my site begins Wednesday, 26Mar14 for 10 days. Following that it will be available through Amazon, Kindle, and

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